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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea Party in the Afternoon with Pearls

I am tired down to the ground of these Tea Party women. My kids are plotting emigration. They see no
future in America. I do not blame them. We now have nothing. We make nothing. We know nothing. And these women are the epitome of "know nothing."

As a nation, we have been date raped. And we did not even get dinner. And what is the Republican solution?
  1. A woman who appears to have bad tranquilizer habit. I  look at Sharron Angle and see the spaced out eyes and perpetual smile of the Xanax devotee, but maybe it is just me and I have been hanging out at AA too long.
  2. A professional virgin who does not understand separation of church and state and thinks mice with human brains exist.
  3. A half term governor with a voice like a screech owl and the brains of a door stop.
All  of them come disguised as French Maids. Oooh la la. Just look over here at their cute shoes.

Watch these idiots run-run-run from the media and whine about how misunderstood and mistreated they are by having to actually campaign and maybe explain their political positions. Watch them lie without turning a carefully groomed hair. Listen to them call for a "second amendment solution." And why are they whining about MY SEX LIFE? We should turn rape into "lemonade"* Are they crazy?

Oh, the poor misunderstood Good Women. Here is a pearl of wisdom for you Tea Party women. Listen closely, Sharron and Christine and Sarah, and you will hear my virtual violin play a minor key accompaniment to your whining.

I like safe and legal medical abortion, same sex marriage, and paying taxes so bridges don't fall down. I am not into shooting people who disagree with me. I am not into legislating what people do with their Things. And you know what, Tea Party ladies of all stripes? I think most Americans agree with me. Minding your own business is an American value. You do not speak for me.


  1. Plum, the best news I got the day after Election Day was that these three KOOK candidates LOST big time, as did that anti-choice super extremist Ken Buck in Colorado.

    What a relief! And what a good thing for the country that they did NOT get elected. I have no doubt they would have abused the power they were trusted with if they had. The people in their states basically flipped them the proverbial "bird." :)

  2. Ken Buck was the really disgusting one, although they pretty much all made me sick. Did you read about his failure to prosecute a rape in which the rapist admitted he raped the woman? Charming.

  3. No, I missed that story, but it doesn't surprise me. Bucky strikes me as the type of misogynistic creep who thinks women who are raped were "asking for it." I have no doubt that most of the ones who voted against him were women. No rational woman would want such a creep in office.

  4. It is worth it to go back and take a look at the news reports. He called the rape a case of 'buyer's remorse.'

    This is what conservatives have to offer? No thank you. Ewww.