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Friday, November 12, 2010

I am The Base

I read a lot of stuff on the political blogs about The Democratic Base. It seems it is all our fault so many Republicans got elected. We were apathetic. We did not show up.  Horse shit.

I am the base.

I came from a family of Labor Democrats.

I want Bush and Cheyney prosecuted for torture.

I want universal health care.

I want bank regulation.

I want the rich & corporations to pay a fair share of taxes.

I want corporations deprived of 'personhood.'

I want safe and legal medical contraception and abortion.

I want to pay taxes so there is solid infrastructure.

I want civil equality for gay citizens.

I want sex education in schools.

I want Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.

I want the military budget reduced by 50%.

I am not at all alone. I am the Democratic base. And I am going to get this before I die. If the Democratic Party wants my vote, they need to make sure I GET WHAT I WANT. Elementary, my dear Dems.

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