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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Is It Time to Go to the Mattresses?

Poster Art by Favianna Rodriguez

I despise the expression "the culture wars."  The WAR this time is being waged on Gays and Women (oh so sexyfied Sexies who ought to just get with the program that sex is destiny).

The concept applied to women seems to mean the struggle for my pudenda. Beware! The Religious Right is powerful and rushing to stake out the wombs of American women for further operations or the prevention of same. Congress is now "pro life." Ben Carson will save the slave babies by making women the slaves. Good luck.

The "WAR" rhetoric is meaningless and offensive. Here is why:

I do not do WAR. I am firm. Firm and that is all. There will be safe medical abortion and contraception for women. We will see to it.

NOW nurses were coming to house parties and teaching covens of women to do vacuum aspiration of  "late menses" and how to make the equipment to do menstrual extraction before Roe v. Wade.

We women were not waiting for any one's approval; the government was late. We would just do it again. Do you know how many of us are midwives, doctors and nurses now?

RU-486 which is quite safe will be smuggled from places where it is legal. Oooh, lookEEE!  Another "controlled dangerous substance." How much success has Big Gummint been having with the War on Drugs? And isn't there a common drug for ulcers that is a safe abortifacient?

Clergy organized to refer women to safe abortions when it was illegal. Women formed underground abortion cooperatives like JANE. We would do it again. It is easier to resist now. We learned a lot the last time we organized against rapists and for reproductive justice.

I include in the set (rapists) those "pro choice" folk who want to "make abortion rare" by manipulating women's economic and political circumstances. Women do not need actions performed upon them. The very idea of government taking that stance gives me cold chills.

Get your noses out of women's private lives, all of you. Sexuality is private. It is not subject to governmental,  religious,  or public review.  If you want to join women in the sacred task of  raising a new generation, do so.  Ask us what we want. Do not be doing stuff to us. We have enough problems.

There was abortion available when it was illegal. My Mom knew somebody. There was a doctor in PA that did abortions as a matter of conscience. Women abort. That is what one in every four of us do. The problem was that lots of women died of sepsis and hemorrhage when abortion was illegal. We now report health statistics in a way undreamed of in 1962. We will know how many women bleed to death. Or die from sepsis. We will know how many kids take substances like quinine or other substances to self abort like my Sister did.

The assassination of Dr. Tiller was a wake up call to the FBI, I hope. I think everybody gets it that the "pro life" are perverts and terrorists now. It was bound to happen. Just like Gandhi said.

I say "Let's you and him fight."

Let the pundits and MS Media maunder on gravely about "the culture WAR" and create mischief in the pursuit of fame, scholarship and toilet paper sales. Me, I will get the gang together. Molon Labe.