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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Luck PlasticMan

Nobody ever tells the truth to a rich man or a beautiful woman. Aww, there there, you poor thing. Poor poor thing. Want some chili?

And brought to us by our Supreme Court and available at a casino near you, the Face of Citizens United. Don't he remind you of Jabba the Hutt?


The Old Folks say "After 40, you get the face you deserve." Somebody shove a blintz in the alte cocker's maw. Give him something to do. Maybe he will get another hobby. Maybe he will smile. Wait, that might be worse.

I make a delicious cherry blintz from scratch. I learned to make them because my second husband was a Jew. I have kind of a hot lustful thing for Jewish men. I ran him over with a Volkswagen. Guy stayed with me another ten years. So who was the crazy one? But I digress.

I will be glad to make Jabba Adelson some blintzes. A lot of  blintzes. Maybe he will burst.

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