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Thursday, June 7, 2012

On Sale at Netroots Nation by the Artist

If you buy a print, the artist Favianna Rodriguez will sign it. These are rude posters. And effective ones. I like rude in a person. See more work and get more information at the Artist's website:

Some remarks by the Artist and links to her work taken from her website:
"Patriarchy is destructive to society, it's a form of violence against women, and there is no place for it in contemporary culture. We have to call it out when it happens.

I decided it was time for some slut positivity and some major ass kicking of these conservative, woman-hating men.

Please share and disseminate. High res versions available here:
And just in case you think the Artist's indignation is overblown, I leave you with a news article and a quote from Bob Earle below:. I always find a place for this quote:
"America is a white patriarchal society; and if you are a woman, a child or a minority, you are fucked." - Bob Earle.


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