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Sunday, August 18, 2013

AssHats on Parade - "Disgusting!" said Elisa Chan.

I cannot understand why some people make such a fuss about what other people do with their Things. - Tony Randall
Go to article below to see the video of Elisa Chan and hear all her remarks about homosexuals. The title is a link. I just love secret tapes. Always such fun. 

Elisa Chan reveals homophobic views in secret recording

Homophobia is a $3 dollar word for having an ICK. A lot of people suffer from ICKs. Some folks cannot eat meat that has the bones in it. They find a fried chicken leg ICKy. So they do not eat fried chicken legs. Some folks think sex is ICKy. So they do not indulge. We all have an ICK of some kind. It is the human condition. Nobody is perfect. Watch me take my place in the AssHats parade.
Q: What do you call a Chinese woman with an opinion?
 A: Wong 
I have no problem with Chan's ICK as long as she keeps it at home or on a leash. It is her ICK. When she takes her ICK out in public, and the ICK bites me or shits on my lawn, Chan makes her ICK my problem.

Ms. Chan, if YOU find YOUR thoughts about homosexual sex "disgusting," do not think about homosexual sex. Duh.

I once spent an afternoon with poet Nicky Queen, watching his extensive collection of vintage 1970 gay porn movies, and drinking some very good Scotch. Nicky is such fun.

I said "Nicky, you gay boys must be doing something awfully hot if all the preachers are spending so much time damning you. What is it? I am always willing to learn." And Nicky said "Oh darling, I will be so happy to show you" in his drawling Southern baritone.

News Flash: gay folks do all the same Things in the bed straight people do. The afternoon was a cinema adventure in both climax and anticlimax, so to speak.

I am not a progressive liberal who has no-no words. Elisa Chan can say whatever she wants to say in my universe. Of course, I get to say whatever I want to say about what she said. Only fair.

Arguendo: I want to hear from everybody no matter how vituperative. That is how I get to know what's going on.

This is Mayor Castro's take on it. What a good guy. I still want to give Chan the bitchslapping she so richly deserves. Told you I was mean. There is no appealing to my better nature. I am a trashmouth.