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Saturday, October 17, 2015

TOO DARN HOT - Going to Mass with Walter #2 - Real Philadelphia

I did not go to Mass with Walter all Summer. Too darn hot. Walter goes every Sunday even if there are bears. This Saturday, Mass will be held inside St. John Cantius itself. Beats the smelly gymnasium. Walter tells me the church is beautiful.

Walter tells me there is going to be a bazaar. It will be bizarre also, I am sure. Maybe there will be more Polish food and beer?

Walter announced at the Rite Aid that he prefers to be buried in a black suit and he wants his coffin to be stainless steel because he wil look perfect. And with all that silver hair, he will. He is 86. He needs to let us know these things so we can get it right. Now, I do not suspect he is gay, I know for sure he is gay. He is worried that his coffin will not be flattering colorwise? There was that 40 year old I saw him cruising, for Walter the equivalent of a twink.

You can find out more about Walter and the pirogis HERE. Here is some music and choreography from our childhood. I love dancing and dancers.

I like this version better. Cole Porter will never go out of style. It got mighty hot in Philadelphia this Summer. 

Then I am going to stop at a new place in Bridesburg called The Smokey Pint. Just a few blocks from the church. I will let you know how it goes. Pig and craft beer. What could be bad?

Food is just Good Food Truck. And you can get a sandwich or platter and a good beer.


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