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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Miss Norma - Real Philadelphia

I live in a Philly rowhouse. My front door is on the street. It is midnight.

Miss Norma is parked outside my door in her running car.  I can smell the engine and hear the exhaust. Norma is dancing in her seat with the windows closed and the bass turned up so high the car is pulsating. She has been tossing her hair and waving her arms about for 20 minutes now. Norma has good taste in music, thank you God.

Norma is living in the rowhouse next door with another single Mom and seven kids. You would be pulsating in your car too. She was so trashed after the Eagles game that she was out there pulsating at 2 am. She told me "I do not think I can make it inside." Offers of aid were refused. All must be well because she is running another concert tonight.

Norma has four children. Rosy Posy is my favorite. I promised crayons to all the kids for Xmas and then I fell. I was going to get them at Blick's. I need a dozen boxes with the sharpener. Soon children, soon. The girls came and politely reminded me I made a present promise. They are beautiful and I love them.

I have not seen Walter for weeks. I always fear he has died and then he pops around the corner. Walter is 86 and tough. He is Italian and Pennsylvania Dutch. Probably going to outlive me.

My street is homey. Children and families. If you walk around the block, you have to pass a street pharmacy. It has always been a drug house the twelve years I have lived here. Cops raid it. It remains a drug house. This time the sellers got creative and disguised themselves as a barber shop. Cops raided it. I am happy to report that LadyHugs was not in the barber shop when it was raided. And I got the best hug. She is beautiful. I have juicy friends.

There, Cher Reader, I told a simple story. It has continuity. I am getting better.Thanks God.

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