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Saturday, January 16, 2016

...do the Mashed Potatoes...

UPDATE: It begins to look like other Americans are as fed up with christian-dominionist-zealot-fat potato-whackadoos as I am. Governor Mike Pence is going down.
Public and business outcry forced the legislature to pass a bill clarifying the legislation could not be used to justify discrimination, but polling commissioned by HRC soon after the anti-LGBT fiasco revealed that 75 percent of Hoosiers believe the anti-LGBT legislation damaged the state’s economy—and that a 55 percent majority of Hoosiers disapproved of the job Governor Pence was doing. In June, further polling indicated Gov. Pence’s re-election was in deep trouble. According to the Journal Gazette, “Just under one-third of those polled would re-elect Gov. Mike Pence -- 32 percent -- while 54 percent favor a new person and the rest are unsure.” Notably, the poll also found that “a majority support amending Indiana’s civil rights law to add sexual orientation and gender identity protections.” This month, recent polling indicates his support continues to greatly suffer and is in “the low 30% range.” - Read more HERE...

This essay has musical accompaniment. See below. I imagine my foot and Kim Davis white potato face on the floor in front of me. Squish.

I see a business opportunity. I could make a mint from organizing bus tours to see MASH A CHRISTIAN DAY. I will provide picnic baskets and craft beer. All I need is notice of one Christian mashing in time to organize the publicity and ticket sales. Help me find just one bashing, Kimmy Davis. I need a new roof.

This farce, brought to us by the righteous Kim Davis,  is not my idea of religious conscientious objection.

The religious right is going to keep banging on 'religious freedom' all through this election cycle.

All I ask for or want is to be free of this woman's religion. Republicans - freedom for me but not for thee.

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