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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Philadelphia Cops Suck Scrofulous Donkey Dick - Update

Twice I have had the police in my backyard with guns drawn chasing adolescent criminals.

Today they came out in force to chase down a carjacker who also shot at a cop, they say. Boy had no gun on him that I saw.

When their own are down, they come out in force. Dozens of cops. SWAT, HELICOPTERS, SHOTGUNS.

When you call them because a crazy person is inside of your house, trashing it and punching your kid, and you are outside trying to stay safe, they do not come for hours if they come at all.

They never come to our block except to intimidate, once my daughter coming home from work. Cops illegally searched her, cussed her, frightened her. They call that investigation. Insofar as good cops cover for bad cops, there are no good cops.

I went out first and saw them tackling the young man. I said DO NOT HURT HIM, I AM WATCHING. They ordered me to get back in the house.

I was scared. They had their guns out. They ordered me to go inside. I said No; I am standing on my own property. I was alone at first.

Then one of my neighbors came out and started yelling at them. They are rude and she was Black so they told her GET A JOB.

She yells I GOT A JOB BITCHES. I JUST CAME HOME AND I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP. YOU DESTROYING MY PEACE. Never insult a black woman like that. I never heard such cussing in my life. It was a thing of beauty. And loud.

Then my daughter came out and started screaming at them. There were more than a dozen of them and several cars. Daughter is screaming NAZIS and JACKBOOTED THUGS and now several neighbors are screaming GET OFF OUR BLOCK.

I was so angry and scared I was trembling. Daughter made me take an Ativan.

Update: Here is a cop story surprisingly like my cop story. Hmmm. Is this the new yelling STOP RESISTING to cover beating people senseless? Seems I am not the only one in Philly angry at the police. I like it when the Universe confirms that, while I do have a mental illness, I am not crazy.

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