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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Garden Jam - Group Gardening Extravaganza

I found this wry account of the joys of gardening just surfing the Net. Go here to read it all. Gardening and farming are not sports for the fainthearted. 
June:   Windy and hot daytime, but too often freezing at night. Weeds do very well, bugs too. Place greenhouse plants in shade outside to acclimate before transplanting. Expect to lose 50% or more to grasshoppers, thrips, other unidentifiable bugs, late freezes, dogs, cats, birds, etc. Stop by nursery to buy more starting plants. Get more insect repellant.
I love the self portrait of Atman Kohlrabi, particularly the green eyebrows. 

This thread is the creation of Mike Evans who said "We are all avid gardeners who know each other. Why not make a place to show pictures of our gardens." We can brag, complain and obsess about them here too. We can show pictures of gardens we find inspiring. Find all that in the comments.

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