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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The sTRUMPette and Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade was a ruling by a Republican conservative majority SCOTUS. Can Trump be elected by creating a coalition of zealot nutballs. Why yes, yes he can. And that is scaring me bigtime.

I hate this ignorant buffoon with a purple passion. I was young when safe legal medical abortion and contraception became a reality. My Mother and Sister had illegal abortions. We will go back to that over this paskudnyak's dead body. Figuratively and electorally speaking, of course. Fuck off NSA.

Politicians off my poontang, Save your dick for Melania, you Anus.You are not sticking it to me. Molon Labe.

This opinion comes from the facebook remarks of a young man in high school. Works for me. The young folks are good and smart. Comforting.

I know I said I was going to stop thinking or reading about this election for my own mental health. I lied.
I try really hard to assume that people's motives for doing things are
genuine, even in politics. And even though being anti-choice is anti-woman no
matter how you slice it, I try to accept that people are motivated by an honest
concern for the lives that terminated pregnancies could have resulted in. They
are misguided, but still I try.
But here's the thing. When those same people go about robbing women of
access to contraception, they show their true colors. For them, it is not about
preventing abortion. It is necessarily about policing morality and controlling
women's sexuality. It really cannot be otherwise explained. For that reason, we
cannot take them at their word.

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