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Saturday, June 25, 2016

He is Too Ick for Me - UPDATE

UPDATE: This story just keeps on being funny. SHREWD MARKETING for Jesus versus ANONYMOUS HACKERS for civil rights and the American Way. Who will prevail? Who has God on their side?

Pastor Steven Anderson is furious that the world is lashing out against his hate speech following the tragedy in Orlando. Speaking about himself, Pastor Donnie Romero, and Pastor Roger Jimenez, he says in a recent sermon that LGBT people and their allies have shut down their PayPal accounts, social media accounts, and other ways these pastors make a living.

Singing the verses below for this Pastor to the tune of the Too Fat Polka.
Scumbag Polka
Oh, I don't want him, you can have him
He's too ick for me.
I get diz-zy
I get numb-o
When I'm looking
At this Scum-Dumb-Dumb-oh.
Oh, I don't want him, you can have him
He's too ick for me.
Help, cher Reader. I need more verses. Where are you, Nick, now that I need you?

Initially I posted this version below of the Polka and this conversation took place:
PlumDumpling - I know...definitely politically incorrect.
Schlukitz - It certainly was.

My daughter Luscious got really offended. She points out the first woman in the video is working out. So sue me; I laughed. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. Better to have fat on your hips than fat in your head.

Schlukitz is an authority on the politically incorrect. I mean he is a truly kind person. Nevertheless, I doan want him; you can have him; he's too ICK for me. The Pastor not Schlukitz.

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