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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pushing Back on the White Guy? - UPDATE

Uncle Carl is at it again. And again.

"Batta le manine
Ora viene papà
Si prendere confitine
Carlo si mangerà!" - Nursery Rhyme

Carl Paladino Wishes President Obama Dead Of Mad Cow And Michelle To Live With An Ape

New York Trump Campaign Chair Tells #NeverTrump Delegate She Should Be Hanged For Treason

Carl baby, you ain't white. Your Grandfather had the KKK burning crosses at his house. STFU Carl Paladino. You are an embarrassment to Italian Americans. Uncle Carl is the second person interviewed in this clip - for balance no doubt. 
"There were a number of things that surprised me in my initial research. I knew something about our nation's early antipathy toward Catholics and Italians, but I had not fully appreciated the depth of that antagonism. For example, the largest mass lynching in U.S. history took place in New Orleans in 1891 — and it wasn't African-Americans who were lynched, as many of us might assume. It was Italian-Americans.
After nine Italians were tried and found not guilty of murdering New Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy, a mob dragged them from the jail, along with two other Italians being held on unrelated charges, and lynched them all. The lynchings were followed by mass arrests of Italian immigrants throughout New Orleans, and waves of attacks against Italians nationwide."  Read more...
- Author Ed Falco wrote "The Family Corleone," a "prequel" to Mario Puzo's crime family classic, "The Godfather."

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