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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I am Freaked Out

I think Trump might win. 

My Nonno came here in 1900s fleeing the Fascists. Might as well keep the family tradition. Cape Breton here I come. 

Somebody talk me the fuck down. I want to hurt people. I am serious.

Sen. Eduardo Raphael Cruz gave Chump the rigid digit. Cruz made a fine speech and did not endorse. The crowd on the floor shouted Cruz down when they realized what he was doing.

Trump called Cruz a liar many times and said Heidi Cruz was ugly. Trump thought Cruz would grovel like Christie. Everybody grovels because Trump is huge. I have new respect for Cruz.

When you think about it, Cruz may be gambling Trump is going to jail for fraud. Does Cruz know something we do not know? 

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