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Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Impeachment Play Redux

In 1998, I wrote a short play that was about IMPEACHMENT and modern civilization, sort of.

I sent it to the City Theatre 10 minute Play Contest in Wilmington DE. It was selected for production. I guess it was good. Audience gave me my first standing ovation.

I have not looked at the play for years now and I do not remember what is really in it. I am going to resurrect it here on my blog and see if it relates in any way to the Dumpster fiasco. Maybe rewrite it. This is what you might call an ongoing and interactive post.

I acknowledge the Title may be ridiculous. Maybe even the first line is terrible. Okay no maybe about it. The first line is terrible. I hope for criticism and assistance from you, Cher Readers. See below.

M&Ms or Marketing, Mania and the Millennium

A Short Pas de Deux for Characters Bella and Donna

Occasionally I interrupt the contemplation of my navel, feel the need of companionship, call Donna and we make our way to a neighborhood bar in Frankford affectionately known to Regulars as The Toilet.

Bella and I sit near a large picture window (decorated for all holidays) through which one may watch exotic flora and fauna stroll Frankford Avenue under the EL.

We noticed this Lady standing on the corner under the streetlight. A white Cadillac pulls up, Lady gets in the car and twenty minutes later she is back on the corner tucking bucks under her wig. Then a Lexus pulls up, Lady gets in and back at her spot. Up pulls a new black Lincoln, 15 minutes. Next, a Jaguar and back at her spot.

We wondered, given stamina, what else that Lady got going on. So Bella casually mooches outside and lends an ear to the proceedings.

Lady works it so fine. Whenever a guy in a fancy car and a $50.00 haircuts rides by, Lady hikes up her skirt and hollers...

Bella and Donna:
"Hey Bab-eee-ee, scratch and sniff."

Thundering revelation! What that Lady has going on is Marketing. She selling the same old product everybody else on Frankford Ave. is selling - SIN - but she has Hot New Copy. 

This is a perfect demonstration that the dominant zeitgeist of our era is Illusion and its uses.

Donna: (squirts her with a water pistol)
You said zeitgeist. You do not even know how to pronounce it.

Bella and Donna:
Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

TO BE CONTINUED... First self criticism is the advertising refs are dated. However, in argument, these are marketing aphorisms even now, I think. They are so googlable. Going to add some stage directions now as this is a dance for two as well as a play on/in words. This is work. SOMEBODY SEND MONEY. Okay back to work.

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