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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Toilet Laws 2 - First Casualty

The Pee Pee Police must check your package
Before you can sit on the throne.
Regardless of evidence of adequate stackage,
Beneath the bloomers there may still be a dangling bone.
- Yadig
Can you identify your vagina? They are not going to let you pee in North Carolina unless you can identify your vagina. Gives new meaning to "Your papers please."

I seem to be writing about toilets like I wrote about cake. I wrote lots about cakes. Political and otherwise. This is the new right wing Moan Meme. Pee in the wrong toilet and cause nuclear war.
'These Freaks Are Going To Get Us All Killed': Rick Wiles Warns Target Restroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War
BY Miranda Blue

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Be My Baby Now

This is the best and strangest counter protest I have ever seen. Kind of makes me want to join the Temple.

Shop Satan and fund future efforts. Or just have a good laugh as the purveyors of dead fetus pictures get their just deserts.

Gender Confusion

If you read Leviticus, you come to understand that the tribe of Levi were a sexy bunch. The Levite rules about what you are not supposed to do in a tent tell us exactly what they were doing in those tents. Auntie Diddlers, evil Father Rapers (apology to Arlo).

Modern life has become a bit more complicated thanks to Science. I am experiencing gender confusion. Think of the flavors available: Celibate, PolyAmorous, Asexual, Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Homosexual, Trans Gender, Intersex, Queer.

I have been all these things (at one time or another) whenever a situation seemed to require it. You do enough of that and eventually all orifices begin to look alike. Talk about confusion.

Even the protuberances become mere supporting structures guiding one into the pink, undulating, lubricious, steaming center of the Pile. Anybody remember Plato's Retreat? The place gave new meaning to the mob phrase "going to the mattresses." But I digress.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a member of a hitherto unsung sexual minority: the Polymorphous Perverse. Thank you, Sigmund Freud and Merriam Webster, for clearing it all up for me.

Characterized by or displaying sexual tendencies that have no specific direction, as in an infant or young child, but that may evolve into acts that are regarded as perversions in adults; 
Relating to or exhibiting infantile sexual tendencies in which the genitals are not yet identified as the sole or principal sexual organs nor coitus as the goal of erotic activity."
I blame some of my confusion and frenetic activity on the Menopause. When the estrogen went ByeBye, I was swept away by a tidal wave of testosterone. Progesterone? I grew a faint mustache. I have never looked back.

Human sexual variation is a fact of life; it is not an opinion, a sin, or a choice. I am so fricking old that I remember the Sixties. I was there. If It feels good, do It. Safely. I had to add that thought in the 80s.

And then somebody will find a name for It, ban It, write a book about It, make a video of It, develop a program for swearing off Ior a pill to make the sensations more exquisite. Ah, modern life.

Monday, April 25, 2016


I came across an interesting blog that features the cover art of Art Goldstein's Screw Magazine.

Screw and Al Goldstein are long gone now but I still remember the fights and furor brought on by Screw's content.

Note: Nothing about this essay is safe for viewing at work. I guess my blog is not safe for work too. So sue me.

Pornography is ancient and the controversy over its value or lack of value in human lives continues. I reproduce this cover, which is a caricature of publisher Al Goldstein. It illustrates the editorial tone of the magazine better than any words I could write.

I am ambivalent about pornography. I like to look at dirty pictures. Some of what appeared in Screw made me sick. I appreciated the social satire and Goldstein's crusades for free speech.

I love Cartoon Art. I am a fan of vintage pornography. You can see a gallery of SCREW covers by Milton Knight.

Feminists have been in a long dialogue about the depiction of human sexuality.

"Pornography is about dominance and often pain. Erotica is about mutuality and always pleasure."
Gloria Steinem "Erotica vs Pornography", in Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1983)

"Pornography is the essential sexuality of male power: of hate, of ownership, of hierarchy; of sadism, of dominance."
Andrea Dworkin, Pornography, Men Possessing Women

“Prostitution, perversion, and pornography are intertwined with independence and radical politics in the history of outstanding women. Radclyffe Hall, Colette, Anaïs Nin, Kate Millett, Erica Jong--all of these women used the money they made from writing about sexuality to make it possible for them to live as rebels, dykes, feminists, artists, or whatever deviant and defiant identities they assumed.” Pat Califia, Some Women

I miss Al Goldstein. Rest in peace. It is true Goldstein was a Dirt. It is true that much of what he published was disgusting. A great deal of it was funny. Very funny. Nothing Goldstein published was as obscene and pornographic as this video below.

Fuck YOU Adsense.

Close my adsense account. You will not censor my blog. 

You will not force me to list my account as a porn site. 

Publisher ID: pub-1222599309808625

Please remit money accrued. You have my bank information. You provide no other way for me to communicate with you. 

I think this is beautiful. You think it is porn. 

I have Russian readers. What happened? Putin get upset? You want to see what real pornography is? Go here. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crappy Crap

Somebody posted a link to this study on disqus. I am banned by the disqus blog, so I thought I would comment here. Really sucks to be bipolar sometimes. I cannot be tactful when crazed. 

I think the study is crap. People are influenced by what they read? Well duh. I must admit that the site is interesting otherwise.
As people increasingly turn to social media to access and create health evidence, the greater availability of data and information ought to help more people make evidence-informed health decisions that align with what matters to them. However, questions remain as to whether people can be swayed in favor of or against options by polarized social media, particularly in the case of controversial topics. We created a composite mock news article about home birth from six real news articles and randomly assigned participants in an online study to view comments posted about the original six articles. We found that exposure to one-sided social media comments with one-sided opinions influenced participants’ opinions of the health topic regardless of their reported level of previous knowledge, especially when comments contained personal stories. Comments representing a breadth of views did not influence opinions, which suggests that while exposure to one-sided comments may bias opinions, exposure to balanced comments may avoid such bias

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Foody Helping Foody

I published the best recipe I know for Banana Cake and it generated the following discussion. I heart my readers. I am thrilled to have foody pen pals.

Sour cream substitute by pdh

It's Sunday morning, & I'm suddenly feeling a need for McGovern-inspired banana cake ... but I have no sour cream. I have some plain yogurt, & will substitute that ... should work according the intertubes.

My concern is more profound, though. Since you are a student of the politics of food, can you tell me if the substitution will be politically correct?

Please let me know how it goes by Yours Truly

Politically correct. But there is something about the fat in the sour cream and the taste of sour cream that makes it essential, I think. However, I am a fan of experimentation. I look forward to your analysis of the sour cream situation.

So I need two cakes, I guess by pdh

Actually, I think I will try the experiment. Today, with yogurt ... then with sour cream after my next trip to the market. I will let you know my opinion after a proper comparison.

Drain the yogurt by UnionJok

Years ago, a native of the Middle East showed me how to "thicken" yogurt for use in the standard recipe for baba ganooj and hummus. The traditional process consists of removing the whey by placing the yogurt in a cheesecloth-lined strainer over a bowl. The result is pretty much the same as "Greek" yogurt, and the whey can be used for other things. Even when made from fat-free yogurt, the texture and taste of the result make it a good substitute for sour cream in baking, salad dressings, dips, or desserts.

More convenient, if somewhat less effective, is to dig a well down the side of the container with an iced tea spoon, periodically pouring off the whey accumulating there. In this method, the top layer of yogurt becomes thick and creamy.

The denouement by pdh

Some time ago you posted the McGovern Banana Cake recipe to DailyKos.
I inquired about substituting plain yogurt for the sour cream which I did not have available. Another dkos poster suggested draining the yogurt in a cheese cloth to get a more appropriate texture, which sounded like a sensible thing to do. So I prepared a banana cake with the drained yogurt, & found it quite satisfactory.

Not trusting my memory of the taste of banana cakes past, I prepared two cakes the same day, & sampled them both at the same time. It was very close, but the sour cream did seem to give a slightly better result. I expect that the flavor added by the sour cream counts for more than the fat since there is 1/2 cup of shortening already in the recipe, but didn't test any other variations. Next time I think I'll add some chopped walnuts, though.

So my conclusion is that Dannon yogurt (plain whole milk kind) drained in a wire mesh strainer lined with a paper coffee filter is a satisfactory substitute for sour cream in recipes where the sour cream is not a main ingredient. One would not slather a baked potato with the densified yogurt & expect a sour cream experience, though.

I almost always keep some yogurt around because one of my favorite snacks is yogurt with berries. In fact, I've prepared little single-serving sized packets of whole berry cranberry sauce for the freezer for those times when fresh berries are scarce. I'm sure I'll be repeating the McGovern cake ... & using the pseudo sour cream in other places, too!

Bye Bye Christianity

I like to talk about religion. Consequently, I spend a lot of time conversing with Christians and other religious people. I have been a Christian for 73 years now. I started reading and thinking about religion and God when I was 15. Maybe I was looking for a loophole?

The people I meet on the Net who identify as Christians these days are unkind, ignorant about their religion, rigid and freaked out. They scare me and they hurt me. They are full of ridiculous delusional 'authority'.

I exempt Bilgrimage, where the folks who can make conversation about religion and are kind, hang out. And Mr.G. You know who you are.

I am not going to call myself a Christian anymore. I know Sister Mary Innocent is breathing a sigh of relief and might even be praying for me. I am going to play a song now, and if you are still with me after that, I am going to tell you what Meister Eckhart has to say about the whole thing. And I still love God. Whew. What a relief.

Nota bene: This does not mean I am going to stop going to Mass and the Polish Food Festival with Walter.

"Be silent therefore, and do not chatter about God, for by chattering about him, you tell lies and commit a sin. If you wish to be perfect and without sin, then do not prattle about God. Also you should not wish to understand anything about God, for God is beyond all understanding. A master says: "If I had a God that I could understand, I would not regard him as God." If you understand anything about him, then he is not in it, and by understanding something of him, you fall into ignorance." - Meister Ekhart

Art from Freaking News.

The Toilet Laws

President Obama on Friday assured Londoners that residents of North Carolina and Mississippi are not bad people, despite laws in the states he said are discriminatory toward gay people.
“I want everybody here in the United Kingdom to know that the people of North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people, they are hospitable people, they are beautiful states and you are welcome, and you should come and enjoy yourself, and I think you’ll be treated with extraordinary hospitality,” Mr. Obama said on day one of his three-day visit to the U.K. “I also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned.” Read more...
I used to hang out at a lesbian bar in Philly. The next bar over down the Colonial alley was for the Leather Boys.

The gayborhood in Philly has many gay bars. There is a gay piano bar that has been open for at least 40 years. You can take your pick. Straight women go to one gay bar because it has the greatest dance floor in town and nobody tries to feel you up while dancing. Or pick you up. You can dance the night away in happiness.

So, I am in the lesbian bar and the restroom is packed with women. You could hardly move. So many women were chatting in the loo that you could not even get near the sink. In comes a crossdressing man. Not a transgender man because they look like women. Correction: They are women.

This guy was new to crossdressing and he wanted to mingle with us to find if he could pass. He was so scared that he was white eyed with fright. His wig was ill fitting. His dress was not well chosen for his bulky shoulders. He shaved but not well enough. Imagine a bear in a dress and high heels.

So we all, totally getting his situation, pretended he was just one of us girls. It was a gift to him to treat him just like any other lesbian/woman in the loo. One of the more interesting moments in my life. Nobody was assaulted. Everybody was joyful.

Memento Mori

Song: “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun” 

Related Poem Content Details

(from Cymbeline)
Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, 
Nor the furious winter’s rages; 
Thou thy worldly task hast done, 
Home art gone, and ta’en thy wages: 
Golden lads and girls all must, 
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust. 

Fear no more the frown o’ the great; 
Thou art past the tyrant’s stroke; 
Care no more to clothe and eat; 
To thee the reed is as the oak: 
The scepter, learning, physic, must 
All follow this, and come to dust. 

Fear no more the lightning flash, 
Nor the all-dreaded thunder stone; 
Fear not slander, censure rash; 
Thou hast finished joy and moan: 
All lovers young, all lovers must 
Consign to thee, and come to dust. 

No exorciser harm thee! 
Nor no witchcraft charm thee! 
Ghost unlaid forbear thee! 
Nothing ill come near thee! 
Quiet consummation have; 
And renownèd be thy grave!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Smutty Smut - Asshats on Parade

Utah is the state that consumes the most pornography.

This post has musical accompaniment below.
The sponsor of a recently passed Utah resolution declaring that “pornography is creating a public health crisis” appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program yesterday to defend the measure, which the governor signed on Tuesday, and allege that the availability of pornography is violating his “First Amendment right to not view it.” - See more...
Dude, stay away from the computer. Or put out your eyes. Problem solved. 
And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell. Matthew 18:9

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Philadelphia Cops Suck Scrofulous Donkey Dick - Update

Twice I have had the police in my backyard with guns drawn chasing adolescent criminals.

Today they came out in force to chase down a carjacker who also shot a cop, they say. Boy had no gun on him.

When their own are down, they come out in force. Dozens of cops. SWAT, HELICOPTERS, SHOTGUNS.

When you call them because a crazy person is inside of your house, trashing it and punching your kid, and you are outside trying to stay safe, they do not come for hours if they come at all.

They never come to our block except to intimidate, once my daughter coming home from work. Cops illegally searched her, cussed her, frightened her. They call that investigation.

I went out first and saw them tackling the young man. I said DO NOT HURT HIM, I AM WATCHING. They ordered me to get back in the house.

I was scared. They had their guns out. They ordered me to go inside. I said No; I am standing on my own property. I was alone at first.

Then one of my neighbors came out and started yelling at them. They are rude and she was Black so they told her GET A JOB.

She yells I GOT A JOB BITCHES. I JUST CAME HOME AND I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP. YOU DESTROYING MY PEACE. Never insult a black woman like that. I never heard such cussing in my life. It was a thing of beauty. And loud.

Then my daughter came out and started screaming at them. There were more than a dozen of them and several cars. Daughter is screaming NAZIS and JACKBOOTED THUGS and now several neighbors are screaming GET OFF OUR BLOCK.

I was so angry and scared I was trembling. Daughter made me take an Ativan.

Update: Here is a cop story surprisingly like my cop story. Hmmm. Is this the new yelling STOP RESISTING to cover beating people senseless?

Redneck Liberal - Language Warning for Those at Work

I love this guy. I will not editorialize this too good speech. Says it all with no help from me. Enjoy. 

Art by Terry Bradley. You can purchase a print at his website. I call it Working Class Hero. I do not know what Terry calls it.

Cruising for Containers - Ghetto Garden Fabulous

When you garden in a small area like a city garden, the terrace of a hi-rise building or an alley, you can gain or increase planting space by using containers. We have even developed a phrase for this avocation: container gardening. Yes, you can grow potatoes in a laundry basket. Perfect use for a busted basket.

If you go to your standard garden store and price containers, you may find them costly. I mean, it is triage. What do you want more? Exotic new plants or fancy containers?

So many choices in life. How stylish do you want to be? Some people like funk. Some people like glitz or techno. Or whimsy.

So I thought I would present you, cher Readers, with some creative, varied and unusual containers I have gathered from a glorious google tour of the NET container gardening universe.

Look at junk with a creative eye. Anything you have that will hold soil is a possible container. Use industrial horse troughs. Use those capacious old aluminum pots from the thrift shop.

Do not forget that you must punch holes in the bottom of any container you plant in. Do not drown the Petunias.

The Kitchen Fairy Garden below is one woman's answer to the Fairy Garden craze. Ghetto Garden Fabulous!

I think the choice of all white flowers of different textures and heights for all these old silver containers is the work of a gardener with exquisite taste and a sense if humor.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My heart leaps for joy... Psalms 28:7

For a long time, I was a member of the Society of the Friends of Jesus (Quakers). It was and is a Hicksite congregation. We had silent meeting. No pastors. Each member had a ministry. I had an Arts ministry. It was austere and good. Note: Quakes would disapprove of my trashmouth ways. 

Truth be known, I love African American congregations and this is why. I understand why Friends choose to have no pastors. I must say nevertheless, this man speaks to my condition.:

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Simply put, you can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants."

Ha ha ha ha ha. Bwah ha ha ha ha. Gasp. Ha ha ha... 

And the Artist just keeps posting it to her Facebook page. 

And Facebook keeps banning and reinstating her thereby making the image viral.

This is the best election ever. The pastel portrait is, of course, for sale. And Trump, of course, is threatening suit thereby making the image viral. 

Illma Gore with her Portrait

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bill Allyn's Justice Reform List

Click Me!
I found this excellent essay on law enforcement on Crooks and Liars. It was just hanging out in the comments. The author, Bill Allyn, has posted it on a number of online sites. I hope I can help his comments go viral by publishing them here. I think he covers all the bases. 

Justice System Reform List

America has a serious, institutionalized, systemic law enforcement problem. Over the last 4 decades, our law enforcement has become increasingly militarized, putting every citizen at risk of being shot and killed for nothing more than reaching for their wallet, as instructed, or less. This may increase safety for police officers (debatable, in the long run), but at the expense of making American citizens far less safe, which is the exact opposite of the goals of law enforcement. We need to create systems that bring back accountability within every level of the justice system.

Nationally, we need to:

1. Create citizen oversight committees with powers of subpoena and prosecutorial discretion for every law enforcement agency in the country. A special independent prosecutor must be assigned immediately for officer-involved shootings. Committee members should be randomly selected and replaced often, like grand jurors, to avoid corruption.

2. Require law enforcement officers to be personally insured to protect taxpayers from lawsuits. Too risky for insurance? No insurance, no badge. Insurance could be partially publicly subsidized.

3. Require every law enforcement officer to wear a camera. No camera, no gun. Also, implement GPS tracking on all police cars and cameras.

4. Require yearly psyche tests to screen out potentially abusive officers.

5. Require random drug and steroid tests.

6. All police agencies must keep a database of every officer-caused civilian injury, shooting or killing, and that data must be periodically transmitted to a third-party, non-biased national database.

7. Any officer involved in a shooting must be alcohol and drug tested immediately.

8. Officers should be made aware of studies on abuse of power, such as the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures. Ensure there are clear policies on use of force.

9. More training to deal with mentally ill, or a mental illness crisis unit. More training and encouragement to use peacemaking, conflict resolution, and de-escalation skills. Increase educational requirements, focusing on psychology, sociology, and social work.

10. Create a special number (third party, independent of police) to report police brutality. Victims of police brutality and the families of police shootings should immediately be appointed an attorney to represent their position/case.

11. Create national database of abusive officers, so they don’t just get hired elsewhere.

12. Reverse militarization of police forces. Take away military weapons, APC's, uniforms, and especially the attitude. Police officers are civilians, not a branch of the military. Require at least 5 years between active duty military and civilian police employment. Keep SWAT/military weapons and equipment under lock and key only to be used in genuine emergencies. Quit viewing the community you police as a “war zone”.

13. Prohibit television shows that glorify bad, illegal, or unconstitutional policing, such as “Cops”. Glorifying these behaviors creates a dangerous situation for American citizens and should not be tolerated.

14. Increase community outreach. Hire officers from the community. Officers need to be more in touch with the people they are sworn to protect.

15. End no-knock raids. It is perfectly legal for a home owner to respond to a break in with gun in hand, which gets them killed when the police are the intruders. This makes it unreasonably dangerous on citizens, especially when cops often go to the wrong address.

16. Reform forfeiture laws to protect citizens’ property rights and due process. No forfeiture proceedings until after conviction. All forfeiture proceeds go directly to the victims of police brutality and the families of police shootings.

17. End drug prohibition/war on drugs. Use harm reduction strategies.

18. End private prison industry.

19. Create a national organization dedicated to these ideals.

    Saturday, April 16, 2016

    Springing Off with Update

    It is Spring and the Bipolars are blooming. I am out of my mind. Please leave a message.

    Trump makes me wonder if I have company on the trip.

    Update: Seems I am not alone in wondering if Trump has diminished mental ability.

    Does Donald Trump have dementia? by Steve King

    Trump’s father, Fred Trump, suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease before his death in 1999. Recent studies have shown that Alzheimer’s affects its victims much earlier than previously thought, and, considering The Donald’s behavior on the campaign trail, it might not be too far off the mark to consider that Fred Trump gave more to his son than millions of dollars and a particularly virulent form of racism.

    List of other articles re: Trump is nuts and/or has brain issues.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Wherein I End the Abortion Debate

    Given the present nature of protests, murders and legislation going down, I feel a need to publish this Manifesto again.

    There is nothing to 'debate.'

    My ova, my fetuses, my children and my sexual organs are mine. They are not YOURS. We do not belong to the State. My sexual life is private and not subject to public or religious review.

    My sexuality is private. Why would anyone presume to discuss it with me? Or follow me down the street trying to give me a baby blanket or wave a sign with a stillborn decayed corpse in my face? Simple. They are getting off.

    A fact of women's lives, from the moment they get close to puberty and sometimes before, is that somebody is always trying to rub up against you. I am drawing a line in the sand. No discussion. My sexuality is private. Mind your own business. That is a truly American value.

    Anyone who performs an action on my life/body to resolve their own desire or discomfort, without request or consent from me, is a rapist. That is the definition of rape.

    I include in the set (rapists) those who describe themselves as 'pro choice' whose benevolence includes acting economically and morally to 'make abortion rare.' Bugger off. You are all intrusive, annoying, and perverted in your focus. Mind your own sex organs.
    I do not want you thinking about or doing anything about mine.

    I want the Democratic Party to live up to the party platform and defend and provide for the welfare of women by unequivocally supporting safe and legal medical abortion and contraception. I am encouraged by some signs that Democrats will do so. Or if you cannot stand Democrats, vote Green or Socialist or Independent. But Vote.

    Governments only responsibility is to teach human biology to those in public schools. When the Government has the Stones to do that, at the least, then we can talk. The European countries have lower teen pregnancy rates and lower rates of infant/mother mortality because they teach human biology to their children. And they provide universal health care.

    I make no bones about it. My issue is Women's Health and Freedom. You could be the best thing since sliced bread on all the issues, but mess with Roe v. Wade and abortion access and your ass is mine. Figuratively speaking of course. I am no slimy terrorist.

    Saturday, April 9, 2016

    Hillary loves Henry. Henry is a dick. I feel the Bern.

    This post has musical accompaniment below.

    I am an anarchist who caucuses with Democrats. I am voting for Bernie. Hill thinks Henry Kissinger is just grand. Grand. He may be be charming and funny and intelligent. Still a dick.
    Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.
    Henry Kissinger
    The issues are too important to be left for the voters.
    Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger gets the Flying Dick award. First time recipient. My Brother and my Uncle are not useless dumb animals. If I have to hold my nose and vote for Hill, I will do so. We cannot have a Republican. But I do not like it. 

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Florida Asshat on Parade - Was Cara right that Ricky is an asshole?

    Rick Scott met one of his constituents in a coffee shop. She tried to talk to him, got frustrated and called him an asshole.

    Here is part of what she did:

    Here is what Rick Scott did in retaliation.

    Here is why she did it:

    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Cruiser Cruz Gets the Bronx Cheer

    I am the child of Polish and Italian immigrants. This event cheers me up. Notice they threw out an articulate non violent community leader.

    I will vote for any Dem who gets the nomination. Dems do not want to shove things up my vagina for God.

    Bronx cheer
    NORTH AMERICAN informal

    a sound of derision or contempt made by blowing through closed lips with the tongue between them; a raspberry. 

    PETS - Home Alone

    I posted this because I love my pets and I know you love and care for yours too. I did not know this, although I knew plugged in electric coffeemakers have caused tragedies.

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    PETS - Sunday Morning or How Hard Does Your Cat Work?

    This is too funny. Just perfectly funny. On Sunday morning, all this pet owner wanted to do was watch the news on the TV. However, his cat, Henry, and black lab, Ellie, had wrestling in mind.

    Sunday, April 3, 2016

    Ditzy Wasserman meet Homeboy Fetterman. He is going to take you down. I am voting him up.

    "A corporate Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is no friend of Labor; no friend of Social Security; no friend of the progressive values and policies that made the Democratic Party great. Time for a change at the DNC. Democrats need to be led by a real Democrat, not a 'third way' clone." - Eric Kingson

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to go now. Resign, you Pimp! Anybody who shills for the pay day loan industry needs to resign. Democrats do not oppress the working man and the poor.

    Friday, April 1, 2016

    "Ever notice how sometimes you come across somebody you shouldn't have fucked with?"

    The men of the Republican party believe that women and women alone are to be held responsible for the fact that humans have sex. Republicans lost women voters by 10 points nationally and are headed for a 20 point loss.

    My Mother had an abortion because of financial hardship when it was illegal. She and my Dad decided three of us was all they could handle. We were 14, 12 and 10. My Mom could have died. I know a past President of NJ NOW whose Mother died of illegal abortion when she was 9 years old.

    Mom was 37, working full time and doing IBEW work. Dad was intermittently crippled with a congenital form of arthritis. Another pregnancy would have been a serious social, financial and physical disruption for her and for our family. Most women who get an abortion already have children.

    It is despicable to compel folks to give birth to children they cannot afford, and/or do not want, or are defective BY LAW. It is Nazi stuff.

    Woman forced to give birth to stillborn in Texas

    If you are one of the "prolife" activists, I have questions for you.

    My body and its contents belongs to (pick one):

    1. You.
    2. the State.
    3. Me and my family.

    My children belong with and to:

    1. You.
    2. the State.
    3. Me and my family.

    I look forward to your answers. I will tell you something right now. You Republican ghouls will not turn me and my daughters into baby farmed corpses like poor Mrs. Munoz. We vote.

    ILLEGAL ABORTION and CHILDBIRTH (sepsis and hemorrhage) are the leading causes of maternal death worldwide. Fertility is serious business for women. Abortion/contraception is a human right.

    We know contraception prevents abortion. Why do folks like Huckabee want to interfere with women getting contraception? How many peaches will you get if you wound the Tree? And why is this fat jowly guy calling me a slut with a Sugar Daddy? That is the Christian Republican idea of good politics evidently. Jesus loves Huckabee but I think he is an anus.

    April Fool

    April Rain Song by Langston Hughes

    Let the rain kiss you
    Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
    Let the rain sing you a lullaby
    The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk
    The rain makes running pools in the gutter
    The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night
    And I love the rain.

     by erikemiranda

    Thursday, March 31, 2016

    April Showers - It is Raining Gardens in Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Water Department has some excellent information about Rain Gardens. You can make that boggy place in your front yard a thing of beauty and help clean and conserve water. Once planted, such a garden is maintained with little to no effort.

    The photograph is a rain garden in Philadelphia, designed by Edgar David. Rainwater that flows from the house roof to the stone cistern is used to irrigate an intimate collection of woodland plants. You can read more HERE. 

    Spring is here. I am ordering Herb Seeds. It is raining gently outside. I am getting that Happy Green Feeling. Now for some Velvet Fog. I repost this every April because I am a fan of Mel Torme, gardens, soft April rain and elegant jazz.

    Forcing Birth in Indiana

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday signed a bill that bars women from seeking an abortion because the child will be born with a disability - like these in the video below perhaps.

    Legislatures and Mike Pence must not practice obstetrics/gynecology or mandate unnecessary suffering for women and their families.

    Birth defects can cause problems in overall health, how the body develops or how the body works. Learn about birth defects and other health conditions, what they are and how they happen. Common birth defects include heart defects, cleft lip and cleft palate and spina bifida. Read more from the March of Dimes. 

    If the State acts in loco parentis and takes choice of whether to bear a child with Downs Syndrome, a more common birth defect, from its biological parents, then the State must pay all expenses associated with such forced birth.

    Enjoy, Indiana, the tremendous tax burden you have just assumed with this bill. I know the State will love and provide for these babies generously. Sure they will. 

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    I hope they vote as hard as they rap. I hope everybody votes.

    I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks.
    Robinson, Eugene (18 April 2011), "Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously", The Washington Post, retrieved on 2011-05-07
    I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters. - Donald Trump
    Laziness is a trait in the blacks. ... Black guys counting my money! I hate it. - Donald Trump
    "Fuck Trump." Thank you, dat Terance and your friends. I second that emotion. And I am a 73 year old Pink Lady.

    Sunday, March 27, 2016


    Donald Trump has broken all kinds of norms during his presidential campaign, but he just went to a whole new level this morning by tweeting what is supposedly an image of his private-parts. The tweet was quickly deleted but not before being retweeted over 5,000 times. See more here... 
    Clayton Jones is the Editorial Cartoonist. 

    I searched for sTrumpette's pee-pee-pic. Alas, it really has been deleted.

    So I let the MAGIC OF GOOGLE work for me and I found lots about the Donald's pee pee. He keeps it very clean. 

    It is so huuuge it can double as a flagpole. 

    And when necessary, sTrumpette wears his raincoat and practices safe sex. 

    Our Leader, he has a penis* and he uses it. 
    *and it is hhuuuggge.