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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Signs of the Month - September 2017- Juggalo March with Music

Juggalos (music fans the FBI calls a gang) and Trumpists had rallies on the same day. Juggalos to protest the FBI. Trumpists going to the Mother of All Rallies.

There were many Juggalos. There were less than 1000 Trumpists. Which convinces me there really are no Trump voters. DisINFObots and Russians do not go to protests and march. We been hacked bigtime.

These were Juggalo signs. My daughter is a Juggalo. Gang my ass. Juggalo song at the end.

Take a look at the Juggalo crowd. Contrast and compare article here. WTF FBI?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Flying on Thanksgiving? Shave your legs. - with Updates below the Flower Colophon

UPDATES BELOW: There is a new change in procedure at TSA since I wrote this seven years ago. Groping has gotten more sincere. Time to try my solution?

TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION = TERRORIST WIN. Can you hear me now? Illustration from Second Story Window. 

Flying on Thanksgiving? Do not even think about it. Stay home, make some hot chocolate and get out the popcorn. There is going to be a big strike at airport security. The Transportation Security Administration folks are groping the genitals of adults and children and doing other assorted atrocities

I am for a major civil rights action. But I say: Do not opt out of the scanner and make them grope you, even though it surely will mess things up bigtime.

Too tame for me. Too much chance you will make your fellow humans mad. Make them mad and they will not support your cause. I say, give the people you are going to inconvenience some bang for their buck.

Take off all your clothes when you get to the first scanner. Every stitch. Then bend over and spread your cheeks so everyone in the airport can see your Stuff. Revolve slowly while bent over so there is a 360 degree view for everyone. Be careful, it is easy to fall down while doing this. Go slowly. Give them the Full Monty.

If you have not been tazed and/or arrested at the end of your revolution (yes, this is a pun and I intentionally committed it), calmly stand in line and put your clothes back on. Make everybody wait. Let everyone take pictures.

I think we could pay people to do this, if we have to. I did it in high heels on New York City bars for money, so I know you will not have a problem finding personnel. Be sure to have the protesters revolve (revolt?...revolutionize?) in more than one airport.  Ask patriotic porn stars to do it pro bono. Everybody wants to make a contribution.

Problem solved. Probably take about three weeks for The Suits to construct a backdown narrative and get it out there to The Media. Be the best political caucus race and general circus you ever saw. Think of the jokes on late night TV. Problem solved. Maybe I will run for President.
I wrote the initial essay above about the Transportation Safety Authority in November 2010 when folks were considering a huge protest. It is seven years later. Maybe they have gotten worse? Maybe it is time to do it my way? More information at the links.

A woman who’s dying of leukemia says that agents with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle forced her to lift up her shirt in front of a crowd so they could check underneath her bandages.
Disabled cancer patient slammed to the ground by TSA guards, lawsuit claims
Hannah Cohen, 18, was on her way home from St Jude’s Hospital when a scanner went off and led to incident that left her ‘physically and emotionally’ injured
Hands On with the TSA's New 'Enhanced' Pat-Down Procedure
The government goes for second-base. By JOHN MCCORMACK
I'm not a crazy ACLU-type. I've had no problem with body-scanners or previous TSA pat-downs. In 2009, a terrorist famously smuggled a bomb in his underwear aboard a U.S. flight. But an agent of the state should probably only touch a citizen's genitals seven or eight times if the agent has reasonable suspicion, and not because a machine is malfunctioning or calibrated, intentionally or unintentionally, to detect explosives on everyone who is tested.
I am a 'crazy ACLU type' and a rape survivor. I would announce before pat down 'touch my genitals and I break your face.' Then do my best to break the face. I do not fly.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

May Day is Labor Day Around the World

DriveBy -The 1st of May is Labor Day in all the countries of the world (except in the US) to honor the workers in the fields and on the factory floors who actually create the wealth of a nation with their bare hands. It is a day internationally dedicated to the lowly employees.

The US, of course, "celebrates" Labor Day on an entirely different day from the rest of the world. That's because the corporate interests in America decided a long time ago that the American work force should not feel any sense of comradery or brotherhood with the other workers of the world. In the US, Labor Day is a day dedicated to the employers (watch Fox News on Labor Day) in a cynical perversion of what Labor Day is actually supposed to be about and to give the middle finger to the American workforce.

Art from Loth at Freaking News.

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. - Abraham Lincoln
We forget the rich history of Labor and the struggle to get labor laws passed like the 8 hour day, 40 hour week, overtime pay, and an end to child labor. Republicans are working hard to send us back there. Are you paying attention?

May Day is also an ancient pagan holiday which celebrates the happy beginning of Summer. Thus the Solstice on the 21st is called Midsummer as in Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.
Heigh-ho! Peter Quince! Flute, the bellows-mender! Snout, the tinker! Starveling! God's my life, stolen hence, and left me asleep! I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was. - Bottom
My dream is simple. I want parity with other modern countries. I cannot say it better than Eugene Victor Debs.
Ten thousand times has the labor movement stumbled and fallen and bruised itself, and risen again; been seized by the throat and choked and clubbed into insensibility; enjoined by courts, assaulted by thugs, charged by the militia, shot down by regulars, traduced by the press, frowned upon by public opinion, deceived by politicians, threatened by priests, repudiated by renegades, preyed upon by grafters, infested by spies, deserted by cowards, betrayed by traitors, bled by leeches, and sold out by leaders, but notwithstanding all this, and all these, it is today the most vital and potential power this planet has ever known, and its historic mission of emancipating the workers of the world from the thraldom of the ages is as certain of ultimate realization as is the setting of the sun.
"An Ideal Labor Press," The Metal Worker (May 1904)

Undocumented Labor News on Labor Day

Seventy-some years ago, Mexico joined the Allies (AKA the United Nations) to fight against Nazi Germany. The cartoon artist is Lalo Alcaraz.

Contrast and compare with 2016 when the U.S.A. will soon be “led” by its very own homegrown fascist.

Back in the good old days, the U.S. Office of Inter-American Affairs produced and released the propaganda flick Mexican Moods praising our new World War II BFFs south of the border, the place where cheeto boy wants to build his wall.

Meanwhile, success for the Taco Master brings on the woes and triumphs of Capitalism and Small Businesses everywhere.

Last but not least, a box of strawberries is going to cost the earth now. Read more about migrant farm workers here. Mexicans have better things to do now at home. 

What do Mexicans in Mexico think about Donald John Trump? I am embarassed down to the ground and it is hard to embarrass a trashmouth like me.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Where is Benjamin Franklin when you need to talk to him? - UPDATE

Note: Hot damn. Elon Musk agrees with me. And I wrote this 2 years ago. 
Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. - Benjamin Franklin 
Congress is not at all interested in what the American people want. And they have no plans to give us anything we want. That becomes more obvious by the day and the event

And the government (yours and mine) is working on robot soldiers to kill a lot of us when:
    Scott Olsen - Getty Images

  1. climate change produces riots because of famine and lack of potable water everywhere or 
  2. there is an "American Spring." Mass civil rights demonstrations and food riots are so messy. 
Governments are planning to kill you and me only if necessary, of course. And they have the machines to do us now in great numbers. Right now. And they are working on improving them. And they have secret courts.

So stop with the "lizard people" and "they coming to take our guns, RickyBoy" conspiracy theories and wake up. Just because you are paranoid does not mean no one is following you. Wake the fuck up, World. We all have a big problem. A problem not amenable to retaliatory force. And we cannot solve it if we do not help each other.

UPDATE: Nobody read this much. Most folks probably dismissed my concern because they think I am a crackpot.

I am a crackpot. So the only argument I can extend is continuing to provide information. Talk me down. I am scared.

Progress on developing armed robot soldiers is continuing. As this article from WIRED asserts. I do not know what Franklin's concept of "well-armed" could be when we are confronted with such golems.

Killer Robots With Automatic Rifles Could Be on the Battlefield in 5 Years
“They’re not just tools, but members of the squad. That’s the goal,” Lt. Col. Willie Smith, chief of Unmanned Ground Vehicles at Fort Benning told Computerworld. “A robot becoming a member of the squad, we see that as a matter of training.”

Military Researchers Develop Corpse-Eating Robots
From the file marked “Evidently, many scientists have never seen even one scary sci-fi movie”: The Defense Department is funding research into battlefield robots that power themselves by eating human corpses. What could possibly go wrong?
If the Atlantic is writing about robots, robot weaponry and other golems, I guess I am not crazy paranoid after all.

If the Robots Kill Us, It's Because It's Their Job

Don't kill us, guys.
Is this a mosquito? 

No. It's an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government. It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home. 

Read more At http://www.snopes.com/photos/technology/insectdrone.asp#pQ6D2qlAHs9yrW0o.99

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Whoo-ers are back. - Real Philadelphia

I said I am back but I lied. Now I am really back. And so are the flora and fauna. I forget where we were. Did I tell you the Street Pharmacy & SRO rotel had a bad fire? 

Wasn't two weeks before I saw a Pimpster and a couple of employees trying the location out. They gone from the corner.

People are living in the smoky rooms again. Poor folks in Philly are desperate for housing. I saw Stephanie Hugs and got my morning hug medicine. I met her just after she got clean and some new teeth. Using again 2 years later. I like her so much. I am hoping I die before she does. Touch and go. Sketchy like my Muse.

Speaking of hugs, Lady Hugs is moving to Maryland. Better school system for her daughter she says. Makes me sad. I have lived in Plum Hovel for 13 years now and I keep losing neighbors.

to be continued

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Signs of the Month with Music - August 2017

# hashtag of the month #EmptyThePews.


Fascism is not new. We must fight it whenever and where we encounter it. The song "Bella ciao" was sung by the anti-fascist resistance movement active in Italy between 1943 and 1945. The author of the lyrics is unknown; the music and spirit of the song is based on a folk song sung by rice-weeders on the River Po basin in the early part of the 20th century -- "Alla mattina appena alzata". A version of this song was recorded for music researchers by Italian folk singer Giovanna Daffini in 1962.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Surrender of General R. E. Lee to General U.S. Grant

Note: Repeating because of increased interest it the era. Published April 9, 2010

Today is the 150th anniversary of the surrender of General Robert E. Lee to General Ulysses S. Grant which ended the military phase of the American Civil War.

To mark the occasion, Bede's Beat brings you a sample of Kurt Weill's settings of four of Walt Whitman Civil War poems.

Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the German declaration of war against the U.S., Kurt Weill -- who had fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and moved to the U.S. in 1935 -- began to set three of Walt Whitman's Civil War poems to music.

The poems Weill chose form a cycle which was completed by the addition of the setting of a fourth poem in 1947.

The first poem, Beat! Beat! Drums!, begins the cycle with an enthusiastic martial call to arms. The middle part of the cycle is devoted to the inevitable result of war: death.

The second, O Captain! My Captain!, about death of a leader in time of war, proved prophetic.

The third poem, Come Up from the Fields Father uses the imagery of autumn and the harvest to presage the grief of a mother upon learning of her son’s death -- a reminder of the toll of war on the home front.

The cycle concludes with Dirge for Two Veterans, and the contrast of Whitman's lament with the first poem in the cycle is reflected in music for each: while the first movement is sprightly, martial and optimistic, the final poem is set to a funeral march. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I could not watch this all the way through.

A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more. Jeremiah 31:15
What is White heritage? Jello? Wonder Bread? Velveeta? Slavery? Civi War?

I am redhead with blue eyes. My Grandparents, Polish and Italian, did not speak English when they came here in early 1900s. I am not checking the CAUCASIAN box on the census anymore. This is white heritage? I am going to check OTHER. Or write in HUMAN.

There are only two sides in the dance of protesting and it is easy to see who is what. By this test, antifa does not make the set (GOODIES).
BADDIES = masks, baseball bats, torches, brass knuckles, fists/feet, shields.
GOODIES = signs, songs, clergy robes, nonviolent conscientious objection, sermons.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville Mess Explained in Plain English

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the Charlottesville Virginia Protest clashes between protestors. Moore uses the lens of American history and slavery to provide a view into why the clashes occurred and what to expect going forward under President Donald Trump.

Antonio Moore graduated from UCLA & Loyola Law School. He is a Emmy nominated producer of the documentary Crack in the System that aired on Al Jazeera.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

God Told Me to Murder People

Matthew 15:18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.
Robert Jeffress argument for incinerating thousands of people is 'God told us would be kool.'

That is the same argument the mentally ill use to justify actions like stabbing six people and murdering a fifteen year old girl.

“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
Charles Bukowski

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I looked up PERVERSE.

I can be deliberately perverse. I am contrary, difficult, unreasonable, uncooperative, unhelpful, obstructive, disobliging, recalcitrant, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, mulish, pigheaded, bullheaded and refractory like any other human being. I do not play well with others.

I prefer being cheerful and cooperative. I like the way it feels. And like all human beings, I can choose to be the Devil or the Angel me.

I think it is hysterical that the Trump administration DOJ has taken the position in Ohio that not voting regularly is going to void one's voter registration. Trump is obsessed with losing the popular vote.
The Trump administration redoubled its support on Monday for efforts to remove people from voter registration rolls, siding with the state of Ohio in a case that could allow states to cancel registrations for voters who fail to cast a ballot over the course of several elections. Read more...
Folks are perverse. Many people who never voted before or voted sporadically will now VOTE with all their might just to fuck the Trump administration. When folks vote in greater numbers, Democrats win. This Trump action is the same as loading up the old Glock and shooting yourself in the foot. Donald J Trump - deal maker extraordinaire.

And the Russians are reading me again. How odd. Leola B. Wilson and Coot Grant: Vocals.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


These videos will go a way toward improving the CUSS-ABILITY of the average American. A good CUSS OUT is an Art.

There are 429 swear words in Pulp Fiction. You can figure out the plot from just the cussing.

And it seems the Guyanese and Irish are Cuss Artists of the first rank. Cussing, to be effective, must have a rhythm and range. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I am going to finish the play.

I just cannot work right now. I can fart around on twitter because it gives me instant gratification.

I was trucking - doing great after my fall. A doctor told me I could do better with a brace for my foot. I got the fucking brace. Wearing the brace put my back out. I had to go and get injections in my back for pain relief. I was also prescribed pain and anti anxiety meds.

Even if you take them as prescribed, meds tend to build up in your brain and body. I get to being unsteady on my feet. My back does not hurt so no more pain meds. But the other meds help me sleep. I am going cold turkey and I have been awake all night. Gaaaahhhhh! I hope to go to sleep soon. No pills for me.

The good news is - I walk to the bodega without my cane. I am back on the buses. Fired up. Ready to go.  Click the LOVE picture to get to Indivisible PHL.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Russians are reading here again. Why? Speak up Russia. Do not be shy. Maybe I am teaching you люди colloquial American English?  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Impeachment Play Redux

In 1998, I wrote a short play that was about IMPEACHMENT and modern civilization, sort of.

I sent it to the City Theatre 10 minute Play Contest in Wilmington DE. It was selected for production. I guess it was good. Audience gave me my first standing ovation.

I have not looked at the play for years now and I do not remember what is really in it. I am going to resurrect it here on my blog and see if it relates in any way to the Dumpster fiasco. Maybe rewrite it. This is what you might call an ongoing and interactive post.

I acknowledge the Title may be ridiculous. Maybe even the first line is terrible. Okay no maybe about it. The first line is terrible. I hope for criticism and assistance from you, Cher Readers. See below.

M&Ms or Marketing, Mania and the Millennium

A Short Pas de Deux for Characters Bella and Donna

Occasionally I interrupt the contemplation of my navel, feel the need of companionship, call Donna and we make our way to a neighborhood bar in Frankford affectionately known to Regulars as The Toilet.

Bella and I sit near a large picture window (decorated for all holidays) through which one may watch exotic flora and fauna stroll Frankford Avenue under the EL.

We noticed this Lady standing on the corner under the streetlight. A white Cadillac pulls up, Lady gets in the car and twenty minutes later she is back on the corner tucking bucks under her wig. Then a Lexus pulls up, Lady gets in and back at her spot. Up pulls a new black Lincoln, 15 minutes. Next, a Jaguar and back at her spot.

We wondered, given stamina, what else that Lady got going on. So Bella casually mooches outside and lends an ear to the proceedings.

Lady works it so fine. Whenever a guy in a fancy car and a $50.00 haircuts rides by, Lady hikes up her skirt and hollers...

Bella and Donna:
"Hey Bab-eee-ee, scratch and sniff."

Thundering revelation! What that Lady has going on is Marketing. She selling the same old product everybody else on Frankford Ave. is selling - SIN - but she has Hot New Copy. 

This is a perfect demonstration that the dominant zeitgeist of our era is Illusion and its uses.

Donna: (squirts her with a water pistol)
You said zeitgeist. You do not even know how to pronounce it.

Bella and Donna:
Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

TO BE CONTINUED... First self criticism is the advertising refs are dated. However, in argument, these are marketing aphorisms even now, I think. They are so googlable. Going to add some stage directions now as this is a dance for two as well as a play on/in words. This is work. SOMEBODY SEND MONEY. Okay back to work.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Philadelphia Cops Suck Scrofulous Donkey Dick - Update

Twice I have had the police in my backyard with guns drawn chasing adolescent criminals.

Today they came out in force to chase down a carjacker who also shot at a cop, they say. Boy had no gun on him that I saw.

When their own are down, they come out in force. Dozens of cops. SWAT, HELICOPTERS, SHOTGUNS.

When you call them because a crazy person is inside of your house, trashing it and punching your kid, and you are outside trying to stay safe, they do not come for hours if they come at all.

They never come to our block except to intimidate, once my daughter coming home from work. Cops illegally searched her, cussed her, frightened her. They call that investigation. Insofar as good cops cover for bad cops, there are no good cops.

I went out first and saw them tackling the young man. I said DO NOT HURT HIM, I AM WATCHING. They ordered me to get back in the house.

I was scared. They had their guns out. They ordered me to go inside. I said No; I am standing on my own property. I was alone at first.

Then one of my neighbors came out and started yelling at them. They are rude and she was Black so they told her GET A JOB.

She yells I GOT A JOB BITCHES. I JUST CAME HOME AND I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP. YOU DESTROYING MY PEACE. Never insult a black woman like that. I never heard such cussing in my life. It was a thing of beauty. And loud.

Then my daughter came out and started screaming at them. There were more than a dozen of them and several cars. Daughter is screaming NAZIS and JACKBOOTED THUGS and now several neighbors are screaming GET OFF OUR BLOCK.

I was so angry and scared I was trembling. Daughter made me take an Ativan.

Update: Here is a cop story surprisingly like my cop story. Hmmm. Is this the new yelling STOP RESISTING to cover beating people senseless? Seems I am not the only one in Philly angry at the police. I like it when the Universe confirms that, while I do have a mental illness, I am not crazy.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

KILLER TRUMP the Hair Furor - Signs of the Month - July 2017

Nota bene: I feel odd that the most folks reading me today after I have come back from Crazed Country are...wait for it...Russians. Why do they read me? Why? I have read Marx. Russians do not even read Marx. Dobroye vremya, putinskoye der'mo.

"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." - Arthur Brisbane

Trump fired figurative bullets at me. I saw it on cable. Here are some figurative responses from Artists known and unknown. I give credit when I can find it.

Conversation on the net is a 'vast wasteland.' Every where you go you meet another DIS INFORMATION ROBOT - human or mechanical - accusing (somebody anybody everybody) but Trump of unethical behavior. So you can choose: Russian, Repub or KKK?

I wonder as I suffer PTSD from all the Republican 'punishment' that is coming to me and my daughters, are others as angry and anxious as I am? Do they see the historic parallels?

This image on right is the work of Pegasus Street Artist. He got death threats. Read more at the link.

Artists Refa One, left, and Fulani Carter, both from Oakland collaborate on a mural they call 'Chump Change' off Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, Calif., on Thursday, March 3, 2017. They finish the mural in preparation for First Friday where they hope to have attendees throw pennies, dimes and nickels at the mural. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Prominent worldwide magazine covers. I love graphic Art.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weighing the Grocery and Soda Tax in Philly

UPDATE: Soda tax is tanking says Philly.com.

I oppose it. You are taxing the wrong folks. Tax the Corporate Suits, not the poor and middle class. 

Tax the sugary drink and snack makers who make beaucoup money and socialize the costs of doing business. Convenient and disposable? Their detritus is on every street corner for the people and the City to clean up. Got the courage to sue Nestle Coke Frito Lay etc., Mayor Kenney? It will make you famous. Come on, Dude. This is Filthydelphia. Let us lead on this. 

I am tired of cleaning up the chip bags and drink containers that flow downhill from Frankford Avenue and clog the sewers and filthy the sidewalks. It costs our City money to collect this garbage and dispose of it. Make the Corporate Persons pay their fair share.  

Pay attention. Reality is. These folks will tell you all about what is happening to our watersheds. It is not good.