Statement of Something

I am a mean trashmouth Old Lady. Why do I blog? Because I can.

It is a source of intense pleasure to me that Folks from the USA and from around the World drop in. Imagine me doing the Happy Dance here. Thank you one and all.

You can email me if you have something special to share with me: I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, The Earth, The Universe, the Mind of God. Hat tip to Thornton Wilder.

I invite thoughtful readers to comment on any essay here. It gets lonely in the kitchen.

It ought to be clear from reading my blog what I am and where I stand, but just for giggles and boundaries, I need to let you know:

I am an Anarchist. At the very least I am a Labor Democrat. I might even be a bit Progressive, although they tend to annoy me most days. Zealots of the Left. I am no slimy terrorist, so don't let that Anarchist thing throw you.  I do not do bombs. I do radical peace. And I am firm. Firm and nonviolent. Firm and that is all.

And for those who do me the honor of reading my blog, I vow that I will be ever thus: fat, furry, perfumed, opinionated, fond of chocolate, pot in hand and cookin'.