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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Rule of Law - Updated

Texas -  it is the new Bangladesh. Unless you vote and vote intelligently, this atrocity will be coming to a town near you. Owners of the building in Bangladesh are being held criminally liable -- how about the owners of the Texas fertilizer plant? Rick Perry said this cartoon is "disgusting." I think it is right on time. Hit the link in the photo caption to go to the Bee.

Okay, the event I expected has come. A corporation has committed depraved indifference homicide. Corporations are people says SCOTUS. Who is going to jail for years? The CEO, the Board, the owners/shareholders? Who is going to pay for this crime? The taxpayers? Only the victims?

Somebody better go to jail. Or We the People might just as well rob our local bank, because being law abiding will not be and cannot be a sane strategy in the USA anymore. Form yourself into a corporation or business entity and you can commit any crime with impunity evidently. Go to the link for stunning coverage of this event. Texas is asking for aid from the Feds, even though they voted against Sandy aid, of course. Somebody needs to piss on their cowboy boots. 

A raging fire, followed by a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in North Texas has devastated a small community. The plant is located in West, Texas, a small town of about 2,800 people, 18 miles north of Waco. As many as 60 homes and local businesses, including a nearby nursing home, were "severely damaged," with some residents killed or tapped inside. The explosion is also believed to have claimed the lives of several firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders who were on the scene to battle the initial blaze. The current estimate of casualties is pegged at 170 wounded and 5-15 people killed, although those numbers could rise dramatically. The federal Chemical Safety Board will look into the cause of the explosion, despite recent revelations that  it's still tied up looking at the BP oil spill.


  1. I vote for the JMG's suggestion, if a corporation is a legal person then those real persons in the executive offices should be arrested and tried for the crime. (After all they were in charge!) Corporation assets should be seized and sold, the victims or their heirs generously compensated with the rest of the remaining assets being distributed among the employees, starting with the lowest paid, as severance pay and the name of the corporations should be banned from use for a term of 25 to 50 years.

    If it's a legal person and allowed to meddle in our politics then it damn well better be up for prosecution and conviction!

    Besides with those kinds of penalties it would keep the perfidious A$$holes honest.


  2. Yo Evie. Works for me. This better not be treated like some kind of natural disaster. Criminally negligent homicide charges and jail time works for me too. Somebody better go to jail. The DOJ better be on this. Crime should not pay.

    1. I'd charge the CEO and 'friends' with aiding and abetting, as accessories to the crime! That's what, fourteen cases of negligent homicide? Then how ever many charges in regard to physical injury, disability, property damage.

      That would be real incentive for the employees and every corporate officer to push for every aspect of a job to be totally open and above board!

      Do I think it will happen? No. Not when the CEOs can yank the chain of their pet politician!


  3. I share your view about corruption in government. I am more upset about this disaster than I am about the bombing in Boston. This plant was a bomb.

    I am not going to go away on this. I am not sure what I can do, but this event is the direct result of "onerous regulations no good" Republican policy.

    We see the result everyday of the "government small enough to drown it in the bathtub" policy. It is literally killing us.