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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Four More Years


By Ralph Maxwell
O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
You flip-flop here, you flip-flop there,
You flip-flop almost ev'rywhere.
You ballyhoo what you're gonna do
And then you pull a switcheroo;
You now malign what you found fine;
Seems like you've got a jellyfish spine.
Obamacare, by you begun,
Now you'd trash it on day one.
Gun control you did extol,
But now you're preaching decontrol.
O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
We've got no clue what you will do
Or what new view you'll pander to.
Time was you championed women's choice,
But you no longer heed their voice;
On gay rights, too, guess you withdrew
Support they once enjoyed from you.
Global warming, EPA,
Immigration, minimum pay,
Roe V. Wade, also fair trade,
All joined your flip-flop cavalcade.
O, Romney-O, Romney-O Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
So many things that you were for
You've turned against and slammed the door.
Stimulus and cap and trade,
Education, foreign aid,
Campaign reform, tarp rescues, too,
All victims of your switcheroo.
You take your stand on shifting sand,
We never know where you will land;
You vacillate, you fabricate,
A wishy-washy candidate.
O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
As gov'nor you let taxes rise,
Now ev'ry tax you demonize.
You say regardless of the facts
You'd take an axe to the millionaire's tax;
You'd feed the greed of the richest few
The poor and middle class you'd screw.
Your tax returns you hide from view
What evil lurks there we've no clue;
If they're not bad why hesitate?
Is it that they incriminate?
O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
At Bain you plundered with a flair
And walked away a zillionaire.
You shipped off-shore, good jobs galore
To China, India, Singapore;
A job creator you are not.
And to boast you are is tommyrot.
As a total fraud, Mitt's got no peer;
What we must do is crystal clear:
Let's give Obama four more years!
Yes, it's Obama – four more years!


  1. Yes, I definitely want President Obama in the White House for four more years, so I will vote for him on November 6th. The idea of having not just one but TWO anti-choice guys like Romney/Ryan in charge of the United States scares the hell out of me. I want those two guys as far AWAY from the White House as possible.

    What really amazes me is the number of WOMEN that continue to support Romney. He's against women's reproductive rights, and equal pay for equal work. His ideas about women appear to be more in line with what men believed in the 1850's, forget about the 1950's. In the 1850's, conservative men wanted to keep women confined to the "woman's sphere," which was marriage, motherhood, housework, and NOTHING else. To me, Romney seems to have the same backward "thinking" as those guys. And let's not forget Romney's support of outsourcing AMERICAN jobs to China, which will mean more women and families being very hard-hit financially.

    So WHY are all these women still supporting Romney, again? Their reasons for doing so are beyind me.

  2. It makes me so angry that we have to fight this fight all over again. I have daughters. Who knows why the right wing is so fact adverse. Altemeyer is worth reading on this subject. He has the best answer I have found. I refuse to call the right wing "conservative." There is nothing conservative about their social goals. They are FruitBats. And their policies will hurt women's pocketbooks and bodies.

  3. It makes me really angry too, Plum. Women fought hard for 72 YEARS, to 1920 and beyond, to get the rights we have now. As you said, we should NOT have to fight the women's rights battles all over again. I don't have daughters, but I do have three nieces. I'm seriously concerned for ALL women in this country, no matter what their ages.

    I've read some great books on the history of the women's rights struggle in the past few years. Apparently, there were a lot of unbelievably stupid women who believed such nonsense as "women aren't interested in voting, because they have their men to do the voting for them." Some of the right-wing female fruitbats (love that term!) today are just as moronic, if not more so, than the anti-suffrage women in the 1850's.

    During the summer, I came across a great collection of feminist essays at my public library called THE FEMINIST PAPERS, edited by Alice S. Rossi. I think it's well worth reading some of these essays, if your public library has a copy. Hell, I would seriously encourage ALL girls and women to read some of the great essays this book offers. I think too many women of younger generations have no idea what battles the women in the 19th and early 20th century had to fight to both get the right to vote AND to use contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Reading essays by some of these women, including Margaret Sanger, could help more young women understand that electing an anti-choice candidate would be disastrous for women. As President Obama has said, "we've been there, we've done that, we're NOT going backward, we're going forward."

  4. I forgot to include another excellent source of information on the Women's Rights movement in my earlier post. It was the PBS documentary "Not For Ourselves Alone, The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony," produced by Ken Burns.

    I got my copy of the DVD from the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester, New York. There's a book of the same title that contains information that wasn't provided in the TV documentary. Both are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the struggle for women's rights.

  5. Well said. You have been doing some serious research. I think I will see if a copy of The Feminist Papers is available at Abe Books. It sounds like a book I want in my permanent library.

    I am always delighted when you have time to comment here. Thank you.

    Love this:
    "Apparently, there were a lot of unbelievably stupid women who believed such nonsense as "women aren't interested in voting, because they have their men to do the voting for them." Some of the right-wing female fruitbats (love that term!) today are just as moronic, if not more so, than the anti-suffrage women in the 1850's."

  6. Thanks. I started doing this research about two years ago. I realized I knew nothing about the earlier struggles of the 19th century feminists to get women the right to vote, to get a higher education, and to get access to the well-paying trades and professions and knew I had to start reading FAST.

    Thank goodness for my local used book store! My son loves to browse there, and so do I. I've gotten some outstanding books on women's studies there, and my local library has been a great source of information as well. THE FEMINIST PAPERS may be out of print now, and I'll have to return the book at some point. But I've written some of the best essays out by hand, always citing the book and the author. This way, I will always remember them.

  7. PRESIDENT OBAMA RE-ELECTED; now THAT is worth celebrating, isn't it? While Romney was leading in electoral votes for a while, I was immensely relieved when the President finally pulled ahead.

    When I heard the announcement on MSNBC -- which totally ROCKS, in my view -- that "President Obama has been re-elected," I shouted "YES!!!" about three times. And yes, I shed a few tears in sheer happiness and relief. The right-wing extremists LOST, and pretty darn decisively, with an electoral score of 303 for Obama and 206 for Romney. The kooks Akin and Mourdock lost too!

    So after the celebration, which I think all who worked hard for President Obama deserve, it will time to get back to work. As the President said, "we have more work to do."

  8. http://www.pahousegop.com/wsa.aspx Click on the top video

    Above is a link to a video of my (and others) testimony in favor of PA HB 162 that will give adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates. My speech is forst and I answer a few questions at the end. MY aisociates also made wonderful presentations.

  9. Thank you. I watched the whole thing. Very interesting. Good for you for continuing your advocacy. Did the #162 pass?