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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sexual Shame and American Politics (or) This diary has absolutely no redeeming social value. - UPDATED

Mark Sanford is BACK! So I just had to bring this back. 

Weiner's weiner. 
I got a lot of laughs making filthy jokes* about the Sanford  debacle, Larry Craig’s ‘wide stance,’ Vitter’s diapers and Weiner's weiner. It was like the jokes were writing themselves. 

I could never run for public office. Somewhere there is a picture of me in blue lace undies, wearing all my wrinkles and a black leather dildo. What can I say? It was Halloween and there was Jameson. Google (and now the NSA) knows that once in awhile I like to look at pictures of corpses and doggy dick. And Ladyboys with large mammaries.  

However, I must run for office as a public service, because I am unashamed.  And therein resides a source of potential power. In my very first speech, I would confess about the dildo and the filthy pictures. And challenge my opponent to do the same. Just to keep everybody honest, you know what I mean?  Think about it. If you remove sexual peccadilloes as a (dis)qualifying condition for office, what is there to lie about given general honesty otherwise?

My confession would guarantee undying interest in myself by the MS Media forever.  Think Anthony Weiner's penis pictures. A sigh of relief would be heard in Congress. Normal folks who like to look at weird pictures would see me as friendly. Do you have any idea how many folks would actually vote for me? I could carry a political party to victory on this stance alone. Yea or nay, sex sells. 

I am going to be President if I keep this up. One, make folks laugh and they are yours. Life is looking kind of grim lately. Two,  everybody is sick to death of hearing about what other people do with their Things. Maybe we could talk about important things? Like nuclear disarmament? Ending world hunger? Peace? Clean water? 

Don’t even bother telling me this is not a nice thing to say. Or it is not funny or too snarky. I warned you not to read it, did I not?

* I love the Sanford menage a trois: Jenny, Mark and God. I wonder who got sloppy seconds.


  1. Personally, I love this kind of snarkiness, especially since some of the ultra-right-wingers are so snarky themselves. I say give it right back to them, especially to right-wing politicians like Boehner and company. As far as I'm concerned, they are the ones who would take away the rights of all but the wealthiest people in this country if they could get away with it. Look at how much outsourcing of jobs overseas that the corporations have already done. They've taken jobs away from people who needed them to support their families.

    I'm not going to kiss the...um...rings of politicians who only fight for the wealthiest people and screw everyone else. I wish they'd all been voted out of office. Instead, too many people got conned by these right wing kooks and voted for them instead, and against their own best interests without realizing it. The more people who know this, the better.

  2. I think we are examples of smart Americans. Americans are a lot smarter than the propaganda sharks think we are.

    I remember when the Pubbies were doing the Monica Lewinsky tapdance on Clinton. Some Pubbie came to talk to Seniors (there is no more conservative bunch) and they were scornful. "This is just sex. Talk to us about something important!" the Seniors said. And laughed the Pubbie out of the meeting.

    Laughter is more powerful than the pen and the sword. Laugh at the Biotches. They cannot stand it or stand up to it.

  3. I couldn't agree more about laughter being more powerful than the pen or the sword. I think the more material people write that CAUSES laughter at the propagandists, the better.

    That's why I love your blog, you write the facts in a way that provokes scornful laughter at the right wing kooks who deserve it. And you're 100% correct that they can't deal with the laughter either or know how to respond to it.