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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twitter Follies

I am fricking old. So I do not entirely understand how Twitter works.

However, I have big brass ovaries and I often learn things by jumping right into the mess to see what happens.  So I have Twatted in the past.  I decided today that I can learn a lot more by creating a new hash tag and watching how it grows. Maybe it will grow; maybe it will not.

New Hash Tag:

My first tweet:

Paulie Ryan has a dick,
Eee Eye Eee Eye Oh 
Who would fuck him? He makes me Sick.
Eee Eye Eee Eye Oh.

Now you might ask "Why is such a sweet Old Lady saying such nasty things about Paul Ryan?" Eezy Peezy. Just read THIS. No that is not ME above. It is a protester at the RNC.

I draw your attention to this carefully researched essay on Rape. I recommend every woman and any man who loves women read it.