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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Advertises on My Blog with Update

I give space to Adsense for Content which makes me a few bucks. Adsense has blog crawlers (creepy ain't it?) that relate ads to the content of your pages. That is why you will see Meet Latina Women! ads on here occasionally when I talk about SEX. I hate them goddamn dating ads.

I despise Mitt Romney the Lying Liar with a purple passion. His campaign advertises here anyway. Why, I ask myself? Because I talk politics? Rmoney has money to burn? Because his campaign staff is stupid? Because Rmoney has so much contempt for me that he would casually lie to me and on the pages of my cherished Blog? Who knows? Who cares? Paybacks are a bitch. 

Update: I tweeted this blog entry at Mittens. 
Shhhh, do not make a sound. I think he is gone now. 


  1. Oh, whenever I see a Romney ad I click it, just to waste his campaign's money. Also I like to show my appreciation to the blog, by giving a click to the deserving.

  2. Good idea. Brilliant idea. Thank you, Cecilia. You always have such refreshing ideas and things to say. And you put a few cents in my pocket. I will never complain.

    Did you see that the video is looked at so much that it remains on the popular list? I am in your and your Sweetie's debt for your kindness and talent.

  3. Great idea, CC.

    I must be off, to click my way around the net.

  4. That's great news! Yep, click it and stick it!