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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Signs of the Month - Albuquerque in April 2014 - UPDATE

UPDATE 2: The man murdered in the video, James Boyd, was shot in the back and that is the shot that murdered him. The citizens of Albuquerque are battling their own police force.

ALBUQUERQUE — The 13 protesters who stormed the mayor’s office here and were arrested and jailed Monday said they were spurred by renewed outrage over the latest development in a string of fatal police shootings: An autopsy released last week showed the bullet that killed a homeless man, James Boyd, had been fired into his lower back.
UPDATE: See the raw video of the citizens of Albuquerque kicking butt and taking names. Way to go Albuquerque! We need more of this populist political participation. God bless voters. It is a long video and it is a thing of beauty. God bless voters. God bless America.

I had no trouble picking the political signs this month. These signs are from the Albuquerque Police Protest.

Police Assault Protest Against Police Violence

What began as a peaceful protest against the Albuquerque Police Department’s systemic abuse of force and frequent shooting of unarmed civilians spiraled into chaos Sunday evening after police officers—many mounted on horses and in riot gear—assaulted the demonstrators with tear gas.

Photo: Sergio Ximenez via Daily Lobo

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