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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Resurrection and Redemption

The Roman Catholic Church is asking disaffected American Catholics to come home. 

Come home to what? Sexual shame? Mutilation and possible death in childbirth as a social good? Get in line and vote for Traitor Trump like all your hypnotized Sheep? American Catholics put the Stooge of Darkness in the Oval Office. 

I will not count the ways the RCC has abandoned and tormented me. Sufficient to say I did not give my children to the RCC for spiritual education.

I know I will come home when they make a plate for me at the table. And smile when I sit down. And apologize for treating a poor young unwed Catholic Mother as though she was beyond the pale, not worth speaking to, or worthy of assistance - me. And I rejected the illegal abortion my Catholic Mother offered me.

I reject the Atonement. I am responsible for my own sins. I am responsible for my own redemption. I would never seek to profit from the torture death of any being - god, human, or animal. Got room for me now?

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