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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sign Up and Push Back

Crooks and Liars has an excellent article and video about resisting Forced Birther terrorists. A very smart man has shown us the way and it is nonviolent and effective. And  YOU CAN HELP.

Sign up to volunteer and push back! It is easy. It is nonviolent. Your fellow women will Thank You. 

Rachel Maddow talked to Todd Stave who created Voice of Choice to push back at the vicious harassment he received for just being a landlord to an abortion provider.

Anti-abortion protesters target clinic’s landlord outside child’s Md. school.

A brief excerpt from the article:
This was an extremely refreshing change of pace from the usual stories we hear about abortion providers being harassed, bullied and threatened by these so-called "pro-life" groups who are always terribly concerned about inserting themselves into women's reproductive health and the rights of the unborn, but not so terribly concerned about what happens to any child after they're born. After that, you're on your own and you'd better be ready to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.
You can read more about his group here -- http://www.vochoice.org/.

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