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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scrofulous Donkey Dick

I got mad at Governor Sam Brownback.  I cannot believe what I twatted to him on Twitter. I am so going to Hell.

One day, young Miss Emma Sullivan tweeted a nasty tweet to Governor Sam Brownback. Con brio.
Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot
Somebody from the Governor's office called her school and reported her. How high school is that? It was so corn snorting pea picking stupid that news of the event went viral. The British press even got hold of it.

Brownback ended up apologizing to Emma Sullivan. I like to think I had a small hand in that. Some snarky blogger suggested we bombard Brownback's office with nasty tweets in a show of support for Ms. Emma. Seemed appropriate to me. Some people don't know what Peace is unless they have experienced Fuss.

I tweeted (twatted?) nasty tweets to Governor Sam Brownback in the service of Justice and the American Way. Old Women can say any goddamn thing we want to say.  It is one of the perquisites of being older than dirt.

I have to confess (brag about?) how mean to Sam Brownback I have been. I need absolution, Cher Reader. You know what the worst part is? It was fun being a Filthy Tweeter. I discovered I am not half bad at it. It is like putting a message in a bottle and tossing it in the sea. One hopes for a response.

I twatted, among other things:

Yo Sam, stop sucking off prostitutes in the capitol rest room. You embarrassing the junkies.

 sucks scrofulous donkey dick.

I now have 20 new Twitter Followers. Filthy Tweeters of America Unite! You have nothing to lose but Sam Brownback. Phooey.