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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tea Party is No Party for Hungry Americans

Citizens of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, thank Governor Tom Corbett for his plans to make working people poorer by removing subsidies for public transportation and requiring food stamps recipients be absolutely destitute.

Evidently, Republicans as a group are bigtime into paying for The Shrub's wars and the deregulation of the banking industry on the backs of the average Joe and Josephine. And yes, the Republicans do expect us to thank them for these fiscally sound ideas.

The Tea Party and Rand Paul and Tom Corbett are evil little mushrooms.

What happened to the old style Republicans like Ike? Ike's tax rate on capital gains was 90%. And everybody had money and job. These MoFos want to take the food out of the mouths of children and old folks. Literally.

Maybe this Rand Paul guy should come down to my local church food pantry and see how poor and beat down some of the Mothers and Seniors look who come for food aid.

I bet this Rand Paul guy never went to bed hungry a day in his life. If you believe this FruitBat, I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn real cheap and . . .