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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pride. It is a Beautiful Thing.

Thank you Kameron Slade. I am so sorry that you were kept from delivering your Excellent Speech.

If I were this young man's Momma, I would be bursting with pride. And then I would be on that school like The Banshee. I would wail so loud the ACLU can hear me.

Thank you President Obama for standing up for the LGBTQ members of my Family and for Public Education. The Obama campaign has posted Pride 2012's cover image to their Tumbler page. You can read the magazine online in its entirety.

Update 1:
 Kameron Slade got to deliver his Awesome Speech after all.  He delivered it with Pride in front of the New York City Council.  God bless the InterNet. See the video at the link below. Go Kameron Slade and Kameron's Mom. 

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