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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns: written in horror and haste. - with Update

My Father was a hunter and gun enthusiast. He had at least four guns at any given time. He was the kind of Italian guy goes boar hunting in his 60s. He was kind of dotty toward the end there at 83. He managed to get a trophy boar's head and avoid killing people.

I do not own a gun because I am bipolar. I take legal drugs. Drugs legal and illegal are a common thread through all these mass shootings. So is mental illness for which we take ... wait for it ... drugs.

I am open to gun control. We need it here in Philly. But the PoPo and the Suits never go about it in a way that will actually work. I know a way. Bust nobody for drugs, just guns. Offer a reward to anyone who turns in anyone who has a gun and carries. Does not have to be much: a hundred dollars maybe. That will take many violent felons with guns off the streets.

As long as the War on Drugs continues, so will shootings. Don't innocents always get shot in wars? This war is being waged on our streets and in our homes. 

Put the money spent on interdicting drugs into mental health facilities and public health. Take a close look at legal psychotropics being freely prescribed to children and others. The legal drug pushers need attention: Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo-Smith-Kline and many more. You know who they are. They push drugs on the TV and not the street corner.

I just went to the funeral of my friend Baby D who was shot by a paranoid drug dealer. A completely senseless death. I miss him every day. Children are being shot on the streets in my city. The children we lost in Connecticut were shot with legal guns. Gun control is needed. Gun killings are only a symptom of a larger problem. If we look only at the guns, we will miss the mark. We have a large group of people in this country who are zealots, armed and into shooting Doctors. Doctors. Violence in our society is about a lot more than guns. For God's sake, stop rewarding the shooters with a public circus.

Stop dithering SCOTUS, POTUS and Congress about the War on Drugs. You started it. We need to end it - as badly as we need to end the war in Afghanistan. Both are a money sinks that provide no discernible benefit that I can see. We are dying out here in America, Bubble Folk. Poverty creates violence too. We need jobs. We need health care. We pay you to fix this shit. You are not doing the job. You are bloviating. This shit is real.