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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Suits making a list, they checking it twice, NOW they know who is naughty or nice. Black Helicopters coming to town. - UPDATE

Scroll past the updates if you want to get right to the filth and dirt.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser. 
NSA About Attorney-Client Privilege Concerns: We'll Probably Grab Your Communications But We'll Try Not To 'Listen In'
A couple of weeks back we covered the American Bar Association asking for assurance from the NSA that attorney-client communications, even those involving foreign clients, would remain out of the agency's reach. This was prompted by a leak that showed the NSA had given an Australian intelligence agency the go-ahead to intercept communications between a US law firm and its Indonesian clients.
 "WASHINGTON, Aug 5 (Reuters) - A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans".
defense attorney is suing the National Security Agency for phone records in a criminal caseUS vs. Terrance Brown. It had to happen.  Fricking Karma. Thank you, Snowden. All by yourself you neutered the Spyboys and the Suits.

Do I think this will make the Spyboys stop haunting us? Hell no. Humans perseverate. 

Now the Suits and NSA may have to produce all these facts for the defense in criminal cases? If so, thank you doG. It is the 21st century jobs program -  finally here - and the lawyers did it. 

The battle over this is going to be a hoot. Think of the clerks involved alone. Did I say clerks? Think Scribes. Back to the past. Hand written letters and Secret Couriers are back. 

I wrote about lack of sexual privacy and cheerful voyeurism in America before. The situation has degenerated. The Gummint is listening and watching and reading and recording everything you do. And storing it all for future viewing pleasure

Just let that sink in fully. They know about my Black Leather Dildo and the Large Mammaries. What do they know about YOU? 

Not to worry. Them Suits and Nerds knowing about my Dildo keeps us all FREE. The Patriot Act makes us free! It keeps us safe. Right? 

I have lingering doubts. My question is: 
Why should the Government get to peek for free? I think we need Revolution a la Groucho. Even the Hippies understood the rules. "Gas, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free." Reciprocity makes the world go round. 

I have a plan. We must include the Government in our conversations. Include the Government in our public and private intercourse. Give our Government a place in our family. And think real American values: Every man a profit center. 

Write manifestos. Create scenarios. Get a webcam. Shit, get a video camera and a spotlight. Picture this: 

Scene 1: Somewhere on a rooftop in New York City with spotlight and speakers. 
"I am going to do you tonight, Baby. So hard and so loud. And I am going to leave the cell phone ON.
Oh Suits, it turns us on you listening. Do you feel me. Can you hear the Santorum dripping down my leg? Can you see the slap, slap, tickle? Does it feel good for you too?
Tiffany scream! Scream loud. Rock me, Baby.  They flying over us now!
Screams: I want to go to Miami! 
Send the Satellite by, we are on the roof with champagne, a bullwhip and Vivaldi."
Once they come tuning in or flying by, we send them a bill for the experience. Or we shoot them with paint balls and silly string and film them when they send Swat back at us. Bet we could sell that video to Al Jazeera. Be one big diverse madcap Universe of Hubris, KY, Videotape and Bullets. Oh fuck me now!

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  1. Personally, my goal is to bore 'em to death. (I think it's working.) Or at least inspire them to read something else. Hey, NSA, I just read Siddhartha for the first time in twenty years!