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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Eric Cantor Mon Amour - Debt Ceiling Edition*

Reuters Photo
Eric Cantor is in the news again announcing things. I must confess. I have wild fantasies about Eric Cantor. Some might call it lust. Eric gives me Fever.

I long to give him the bitchslapping of his life, the bitchslapping he so richly deserves. The nature of my fantasies is so disturbing
( talk about taking The Top ), that I give thanks I am sober. And occasionally medicated. Am I the only one?

I do not know what it is about Eric that gets me so crazy. I mean beside the fact that he lies and lies with a cheerful smile on his face. Misrepresentation not-quite-illegal is the method du jour of the Effete Elite. An unctuous smile is not a new experience.

Maybe it is his voice. Or his hair and his ducky walk. I want to push his face into the sand box and grind. I want to pinch his cheeks until he hollers. I want to give him the worst Indian Burn I can manage. I want to rip his boobies off. With my teeth. I am so going to Hell.

Call me crazy. You would be right. Would I do this? Only in my dreams. I am no slimy terrorist. I do have a rich full fantasy life.

* I apologize to those who have seen this before. I just had to do it again. Evidently, Nancy Pelosi prefers Roscoe Bartlett.