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Friday, December 19, 2014

Yo, Pope Frankie, Happy Birthday!

Pope Francis was leaving the Vatican in the dead of night to "administer anonymously to the homeless of Rome." He got caught.

This Christmas he purchased sleeping bags and gave them to the homeless of Rome on his 78th birthday - upfront.

Good move, Frankie. Now they will not suspect you and you can boogie out the back door when the Spirit moves you.  

Frankie, you seem like a good guy. So I hope you will take my remarks in the Spirit they are offered. 

You are doing good. You make me want to come back to church. I look forward to seeing you in Philly next year.  

Philly used to be a city of neighborhood churches and bars. One of each, church and bar, on every fourth corner. Nine of the Catholic Churches in my neighborhood have closed their doors. The bars are still open and turned into Delis with beer cases. Not a bar stool or a pew in sight. So sad. Where are the places for fellowship? But I digress

First thing, and this is important, nothing is anonymous if you get caught. So stop that. Not the going out, the getting caught hanging with bums. Pray to St. Nicholas, patron saint of runaways, thieves and children for assistance. I must say, you are right on time in the Myth and Public Relations departments.

Second, maybe you can fool others, PaPa, but you cannot fool me. You are not ministering to the wretched of Rome. They, each and every one, are ministering to you.

It is a hard job being a Pope. You often have to deal with an anus like Cardinal Dolan. You got to have some fun. For sure you need a real good hug or two. Ten good hugs a day will keep you sane. Dio ti benedica, caro PapƠ. I know S/He does. Feliz cumpleaƱos! Feliz Navidad!

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