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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz is officially running for President. I iz laffing.

I just have to say it. Ted Cruz is gay as a box of robert jeffress. This post has musical accompaniment.

by Taylor Marsh
Cruiser Cruz is so gay his toenails are "objectively disordered" and smile indiscriminately. Cruz Control is gay as a pair of crotchless chaps. This is not a bad thing really. Some of my best friends...etc.

I ask myself:
Could the Cruiser really be a "homo demon" sent to demolish the Black Woman and the Republican Party by Obama? Cruz has already done a hot job on Texas Republican John Cornyn of the fabulous cowboy hat.

I mean, my gaydar has to be as good as Pastor Doctor James David Manning's gaydar any day. I am here and I am Queer. What does he know about "homo demons" really?

NYC pastor: ‘Pervert’ Obama is ‘releasing white homo demons to scoop up all Black American men’

I would go on but, I am starting to feel guilty for noticing the fabulousness and then commenting on it. I know I am politically incorrect. I do not care. Ted Cruz is so gay that when he farts, crepe paper streams out of his anus.

Oh Teddy Cruiser Cruz, Homo White Demon of the Universe, you are so cute in such a perverse oily pukey way. Your Tea Party dialectic brings all the boys to the yard.

UPDATE: More Pastor Manning below. When you really think about it, Pastor Doctor James Manning is so gay.