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Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Whoop-de-Shit - Asshats on Parade

You can put lipstick and earrings on a hog and call it Monique, but it's still a pig. - Anne Richards, Governor of Texas
According to WHO, unsafe abortion is one of the three leading causes of maternal mortality, along with hemorrhage and sepsis from childbirth.1

The men of the Republican party believe that women and women alone are to be held responsible for the fact that humans have sex.

This ultrasound wand -----> is what the State of Texas and Dan Patrick decided must be shoved up my Bird in order for me to have a safe and legal medical abortion. Dan Patrick is working to stop early medication abortions too.

Meanwhile, in the real world, a 13 year old just self-aborted with a pencil in Pennsylvania. The child has been sexually assaulted by a 30 year old SexPig. Is the State going to shove one of these -----> up the vagina of a child like her? How Christian is that? Precisely what did Jesus Christ say that requires this treatment of women?

I wonder how many social workers and child advocates it is going to take to deal with issues like this? Or are young women just going to be forced to birth babies because we cannot make exceptions in time or by law? In Africa, childbirth is the leading cause of death of young women 15-19. Is America going to go there "because Jesus?" And how are we going to pay to enforce all these laws? Bond issues? New taxes?

Mandatory ultrasound is The Law in my State as well. Thanks to Governor Corbett. One and done. Legislatures must not practice medicine. Remember the words of the illustrious and reknowned Drive-By who said "Those who vote Republican will have Republican done unto them."

Rapists, who cannot get their genitals to cooperate enough to rape you, use objects instead: sticks, broken bottles, ultrasound wands and laws. That ultrasound wand is bigger than my second husband's johnson. I am going to throw a party when these guys lose. I got a new slogan: Butt core Corbutt! Yes, I went there. I am so going to Hell.

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