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Monday, May 19, 2014

Gun Safety and Gun Nuts

UPDATE:  Gun-rights activists: No more long guns in businesses ... more at the link.

My Dad was a big gun guy. His guns nearly killed my baby brother and, years later, my toddlers. His guns were never of real use. They bagged him a wild boar, a dozen woodchucks and almost 3 children over three generations. In his elder years, Father laid up in the front bedroom and waited with his shotgun and a revolver for the "college boys who are running over my mailbox for fun." In suburban Lawrenceville New Jersey.

If you have a gun, you have good chance someone around you will be maimed or die. Thank you Gun Nuts and the National Rifle Association for my bad dreams and the deaths of a good many children over the years.

The Gun Nut mofos buy junior rifles for their kids. Pink ones for girls. A toddler bleeding to death from a gunshot wound in the parlor is Gun Nut chic evidently. Doesn't everybody have one?

The picture below of the boy with the gun comes from the Facebook page of Flakoo del Campo a typical Open Carry Mofo. I would not trust this guy to get me a cup of coffee much less trust him with guns or my child. Flakoo got so much flak he removed the picture.

I learned a new word for these Mofos and that word is Ammosexual. Flakoo recently took part in the invasion of a Chipotle restaurant. And what is up with this boys Mother? Is she nuts? Child protective services anyone? If I lived in Texas I would be on the phone ASAP.

The photo below is Flakoo and friend in the midst of occupying Chipotle. How safe do they make you feel? Flakoo is the shorter of the two flakes. UPDATE: Chipotle has since this writing made their restaurants closed to open carry Mofos.