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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

STFU Star Parker. Just STFU right now. - Asshats on Parade

"I will kill your Sisters." My Stepfather on my 13th birthday. Little did I know they were told the same thing.
- 21 Men Holding Signs Quoting Their Rapists. 
After rape, men commonly insert foreign objects into the vagina: sticks, sand, rocks, knives, burning wood or charcoal, or molten plastic made by melting shopping bags. Killing the rape victim by firing a handgun or rifle inserted in the vagina is a common practice; some victims have survived.
Mass Rape in the Congo by Ann Jones

Star Parker asserts that a spoken sentence about the history of religious terrorism is the same as rape of a person with a penis or a broken bottle or a gun.

A sentence uttered, however much it may discomfort one, is not a violent crime. Only rape is rape.

Is it important to say here that I am a Christian? Maybe. This woman claims to speak for Christians. I hope I make it clear she does not speak for me.

I am getting really tired of Authoritarians of the religious and secular persuasion who trivialize rape. And then set out to stick things up my vagina for Jesus, family values, my fetus and the American Way. Tired down to the ground.

I am a rape survivor. Only rape is rape.

I am weary of extremists - whatever their ethnic, political, sexual or religious persuasion. Helpless anger is the feeling I get. I do not like feeling this way. I am writing about my issues. I tweeted this woman a link to this article. It is not enough.