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Saturday, July 30, 2016

This election is making me crazed. How you doing?

The physicians at Penn are some of the best in the world. My psychiatrist is a Penn guy and just as smart as he can be. He has a silver white beard and he looks like a Jewish Santa Claus. He is funny and it feels good to just be around him. I mention his appearance because he said something interesting. "I believe in the old saying," he said "that after 50, one gets the face one deserves."

I rest his case. I tried hard to find one where Trump was not grimacing. Speaking as an actor, I wonder if Trump practices his expressions and head angles in a mirror, but I digress:

Top of Trump

Bottom of Trump

The Alternative. I tried to get one with neutral expression and wrinkles not air brushed away.

Hillz bottom.

No contest for me. What, Cher Reader, do you think? I know, the whole thing is ridiculous, right? At this point, nothing seems too ridiculous in light of what we have seen. Maybe Santa Claus is right. Here is how one artist sees it on Freaking News below.

I say: Let the debates begin! Some people say Trump is going to chicken out. This is the best election ever. Thank you, Santa, for my Ativan. My Russian readership just tripled. Any of my Russian readers want to tell me why? Can somebody translate what is on his cap?

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