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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fatty Trumpkin

Fatty Trumpkin runs for Prez.
Everybody laughs at
Everything he sez.

The editorial cartoonist is from The Daily Call.
Mark Taylor
RoundRiver Institute LLC
Genoa, WI

Meet Joshua Monroe, the Man Who Makes Nude Trump Statues
- Read more by Amelia Warshaw 

The Verge has published 11 photos of NYC’s naked Trump statue by Joseph Bareham. As much Trump as you can handle. I liked this one the best.

Bareham is a first rate photographer. See more work at the link.I will not make a joke about the photographer's name...I will not make a joke etc....

The Progessives chime in and remind me once again how much I despise Progressives, the zealots of the Left.

My dear Lady, I would like to stake him out on an Ant Hill in Texas covered with molasses. Ridicule is my compromise for the sake of order. Dude would not hesitate a moment to evaluate my charms. 

Body-Shaming Donald Trump Isn't 
An Appropriate Or Effective Way To Criticize Him

On Thursday, naked statues of Republican nominee Donald Trump — commissioned by art collective Indecline — appeared in multiple U.S. cities, some of which were captioned "The Emperor Has No Balls." But while many people, including the New York City Parks Department, seem to have found humor in these statues, body-shaming Donald Trump in this way is completely inappropriate. He's a bigoted person who has said a number of awful things, but he is not awful or bigoted because of his body.

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