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Saturday, November 12, 2016

God bless you, Sgt. Shamar Thomas. I know S/he does.

I am feeling kind of challenged in my HATE THE COPS stance. Here is why and here below is a video of what an Iraq Veteran thinks about peaceful protesters and the role of the Police - notice the capitalization and the respectful address. I remembered this video from Occupy Manhattan.
Standing Rock, North Dakota — Widespread outrage over both the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and violent police crackdowns rages on. That outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation. Two departments have already refused to return, citing personal and public objections. As if that wasn’t enough, an army of sympathizers is re-purposing social media to combat police efforts in Standing Rock. Read more...
Ron Hemming, who reportedly is a retired deputy in Washington, shared his thoughts:
“As a retired deputy in Washington state, I would have refused to go on a detail such as this. As I am also part native blood, I stand with my relatives on the front line protecting the water from the black snake. Be safe. Stay strong." Read more...

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