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Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Have Been Roaring Around the Net

I have been hiding, sort of. I cannot think. I cannot be still enough to write or organize anything more complicated than my morning shyte. Cannot even write to my friends. So I twittered at high speeds for a couple of days.

I am suffering from the rage/racing thoughts part of bipolar disorder. So I went to twitter war with Donald Trump. I figured it was something I could do, KWIM? I posted my favorite pictures to #resistanceparty and #realDonaldTrump.

Twitter, like most human groups, is dismayed by The Me Rampant and my account has been blocked. Always happens. Always hurts my feelings. And they need to suck up to the Trumpolini.

So when I come back from my Sister's Holiday Brunch and Grandchildren Admiring Party, I am going to point out an Artist who speaks to censorship of the odd and upsetting. And the duty and role of the Artist in civilization's progress and in resistance to Darkness.

Taste of community Art in video below.

Miracle of miracles. My twitter account is now working. More roaring from me will go on in 140 characters. And then I am going to post something funny. Maybe. Nothing funny about Trump. Merry merry.

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