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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Democratic Attitude Adjustment

Democrats, take note. The time for collegiality is over. Fight unrelentingly against all Trumpus nominees and initiatives. Total war and no quarter.

I did not march for miles and spend my money so Warren can vote for Carson. Carson is higher than a kite most of the time. Look at his fucking droopy eyes. Wake the fuck up and call a spade an addict.

Tell us the truth. Speak truth to power. Jesus wept, be rude once in awhile. Trumpus won in part on every one's disgust for the politically correct.

Time all you mofos in Executive Branch get regularly and randomly drug tested. Sauce for the poor workingman must be sauce for you Suits. Why? You seem incapable of seeing reality - or unwilling. Stop disrespecting the American people. Why cannot Americans have what Congress critters have?

Do you Bubbletonians not get it that the whole country is sick unto death of the Repubocrat Dempublican Party.

I have been a Democrat my whole voting life. Fight like berserkers or I am registering Independent. Some of you fuckers voted for Pompeo who is willing, like Bush-Cheney, to make all of us war criminals again. No torture. And respect First Nation land.

If Trump et al and you are going to kill me, I will burn down the whole fucking thing first. Fuck you NSA. It is hyperbole. Fascism terrifies the fuck out of me. I knew somebody with the numbers on his arm.

And now the National Anthem. God, if you send fucking Trumpus a fucking heart attack and fucking kill the bastid, I promise I will never say FUCK again. Maybe.

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