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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Signs of Recovery

1. omg 
2. this is so bad 
3. yep still so bad 
4. we are going to die 
5. help 
6. somehow even worse today 
7. omg
 - Anonymous

I have stopped screaming at the television. I think maybe I can talk again.

This man speaks to our condition.

Ronald Reagan told us we cannot trust the government, and then to make sure we get the point, the GOP puts the biggest liar and ultimate bullshitter on the ticket. Because they have been conditioned to the point that they don't know who to believe, tons of people decided that since everyone in government lies, we might as well have the best liar available. We now have a government that is sheer dishonesty, starting at the top. Ass holes who will say anything for a buck, line up to defend a man whose credibility is absolutely zero. Fake news, fake president, fake everything. Welcome to the new America, land of bullshit.
Who am I to believe?

CIA did Abu Ghraib and made us war criminals. FBI gave us James Comey. NSA gave us Snowden. Trumpus is a demented liar and a gift from Putin.

Intelligence EPIC FAIL. Again. Potentially worse than 9/11 terrorism going down. Fascism going down.

We have Russia playing 'see what we can hack' with American TV programs. Just a nasty joke, you say?

Russia can hack the massive electrical grids. Given how much distrust they have created with stochastic terrorism among Americans, two weeks of no power = ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

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