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Monday, June 6, 2022

Authoritarians and Abortion

The thing to do with these Folks, if you want to remove them from your own life and from the body politic, is call them on their strange habits.

Authoritarians think their opinion about my sexual life should be relevant and potent. I do not even talk to my Mother about my sexual life. My sexual life is private and not subject to public or religious review. 

Authoritarian Anti Abortion Zealots, many of them religious, suffer from a paraphilia that seems to combine symptoms of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and sexual sadism. Think about what they do. They carry snuff porn around shopping centers.  The snuff porn is offensive to women who are opposed to abortion. It is also offensive to others whose beloveds cannot avoid looking at the snuff porn while driving down the street or prevent their beloveds from being attacked by fetus fetishists. Malignant scrupulosity is so ugly. 

These ForcedBirth folks sing, dance, pray and pinch women outside the offices of women's health care providers. They shout things like "The blood from your crotch will rise up and kill you, you Whore!" Normal folks simply cannot take it anymore.

And yet, one does not find these Forced Birth Folks picketing fertility clinics, where implanted embryos are "selectively reduced." Those embryos are not attached to a woman they feel they can stalk, insult and intimidate. They might get arrested. If you are a pervert or nuts, that takes all the fun out of picketing evidently.

Watch these Folks in action. The video below is long and the narrator's contempt for the protestors is obvious. It is still worth watching to get a flavor of the real American Circus. To quote Vonnegut: And so it goes. 

The second video has the 'regular guy' protestors, for the sake of fairness. They do not think I should be using birth control. They picket women's medical clinics that do not even do abortions. They want to be sure to let me know they hate condoms. Really, it is too much information.

Womb Sniffers, my term for the really earnest category of Religious Authoritarians, assassinate and maim people they don't agree with. And they assert that God approves. Their site comes complete with martyrs for the cause. 

Tell me, do you want ANY of these people in charge of your family, your sex life and your body functions?  Or those of your Daughter, your Wife, your Sister or your Mother?  Do you want them assassinating your gynecologist at the women's clinic? Why is it that an American woman cannot walk unmolested down any street and enter into any building she chooses to without harassment and intimidation in the USA?

I do not get it. If a strange person came up to me on a bus and started talking to me about my sex life, tried to show me weird pictures and/or pinched me, s/he would get arrested. If the strange person did that in a public thoroughfare, a boardroom, a meeting, or a public building, the strange person would get arrested.

Could an exhibitionist (or assassin or a voyeur) of ordinary stripe avoid arrest by pleading "You can't touch me or stop me, Cop, because I am religious! Stalking that woman while I show her the (penis, gun, snuff porn) is what God wants me to do."

When I discuss this issue, I feel like the kid pointing to the Emperor's nakedness. Religious Authoritarians do not occupy the moral high ground. They have not clothes on. Point it out. Okay, rant over now.