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Monday, July 4, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Cher Reader, how I have missed you.

Did you think I was never coming back? It would take more than two blown knees to keep me from You, ma Cher. I danced for a living for years. And my knees have finally cried "Enough."

On August 10, I will receive two new knees. I have been taking a lot of pills for pain. I find they interfere with my ability and desire to write.

Nevertheless, I am delighted to have found the energy and clarity of mind to write today. Who am I trying to kid? It is more like the energy to rant, whine, kvetch, and stamp my feet.

Stay tuned. Some rants coming up anon.


For those concerned about the SCOTUS' Citizens United decision ( that a Corporation is a legal person with all the right of free speech attached to that status ) and the effects of the decision on the body politic, I point you to a diary at dKos.


The Michigan Liquor Control Commission refused to grant a license to sell Raging Bitch  beer in Michigan because Flying Dog brewers are rude. In March of this year, Flying Dog filed suit, citing a violation of their 1st Amendment rights.

It seems that the State cannot now protect us from an artisan beer maker's raunchy sense of humor and deprive of us of an excellent new beer.  A good thing, eh?  Go get yourself a Raging Bitch beer and settle in your favorite chair. This may amuse you as much as it amuses me.

"This week, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission reversed their position. They did so based on the outcome of a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week that said the state of Vermont could not prevent pharmaceutical companies from harvesting data about doctor's prescribing patterns and habits as a way to market to them more effectively. This restriction on the rights of states to regulate "speech" by corporations is beginning to have far-reaching impacts." - from the diary at the link above.

When you get done laughing, think about this whole debacle. What will this decision do to the labeling regulations, for example? You know, those laws that have kept the Corpos from poisoning, maiming, and bamboozling us since 1920.

I think the Suits and Robes and Corpos have overreached. Bigtime. Get thee some popcorn and a couple more Bitches, sit back, and enjoy the ride. It is going to be a Hoot. And it will only get funnier and more absurd (if that is possible) as the months go by. And laughing at the Azzoles sure beats crying over the whole sickening mess.

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