I wonder if I would ever have thought of God had I not been taught about God. There is some interesting stuff to read about a People that do not have a God concept. Nor many symbols at all for that matter. Piraha do not want them. Evidently, in their language they refer to themselves as The Straight People. Think about that for awhile.

My search for God/Truth/Light has taken me some interesting places, driven by lust and pride and fear in part. I want to avoid the pains of Hell.  I wanted to have that overwhelming religious experience that I had seen illustrated on religious cards, that ecstasy and enlightenment. I wanted to be St. Agnes in Triumph with Lilies.

I am troubled by my errors. I want to believe that there is order somewhere and that my actions matter in the grand whirl of the universe. Worst of all --  I wonder if maybe there is no meaning. And if there is no meaning to it all, is that bad or good?

I am having such a good time these days, I do not know what to do with myself. So when I am not eating bon bons, I write diaries. And smile a lot. And wait for comments, if any.