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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off the Pigs !!! with Update 1 and 2 and 3 and 4

I never thought I would drag the sentence above out of the 60s and 70s and into the present. I am a peaceful Quaker for years now. I am shocked to find myself thinking it. I am so angry. Some history:

Seems like shocking rhetoric, does it not?

 Well, here is some shocking present day mayhem brought to us by Mayor Bloomberg and the Boys in Blue below.

Just  look at the video above. What other response can you have to the NYC PigForce penning peaceful female protesters behind a barrier and Maceing them. Where was the provocation and necessity, Pigs? How many of you Pig Perverts came in your pants when the women were screaming and crawling?

Hey, Mayor Bloomberg, do you stand for this perverted "justice?" Are you not a Jew? Why then would you sponsor gestapo tactics in a police force? Or did you get a copy of the tape to view and whack off with back at Gracie Mansion? Men do not need their penises to rape women. When getting your peener out is inappropriate, you can always use an object and men do that with anything at hand: a stick, a knife, a can of mace.

Let us for once tell it like it is. A goodly number of Philly cops and cops around the country are using steroids and addicted to them and they do not get drug tested. Cops will lie at the request of their superiors or to cover their own crimes without turning a hair. Most cops are dumb as stumps and understand the law they are "enforcing" not at all. These paragons feel free to attack innocent women because Bloomberg gave them permission. Say what?

You may say "How dare you say such a thing?" to me. I have evidence. Try reading this blog for a couple of weeks and then tell me:


How safe do you feel? Still have respect for the police?

Update One:

Witness accounts and extensive information on who maced the innocent women, and what YOU can do about it, and a picture of Tony Baloney the perpetrator of the cowardly attack, can be found at this site. Let us do something more sensible than shout Off the Pigs. While it may be satisfying, it is only self indulgent. Let us take action.


Update Two:

Citizen Journalists are on this like white on rice. Tony Baloney maced his own. More eyewitness testimony. The cops were setting the protestors up to look like criminals. It is just like what they did at the Vietnam protests.


Update Three:


What is to "investigate." We have film of the crime and the criminal in action.  Tony Baloney needs to be fired and charged with assault. I pray the deaf woman who was victimized files a civil suit too.

I will not argue with due process. But it is clear this event is being handled with obfuscation from the starting gate. "Investigate" leaves the impression there is some doubt as to what happened.

There is no doubt. Tony Baloney assaulted several women (and others) using his can of mace as a penis. He clearly physically and emotionally enjoyed the torture of helpless women. Have you noticed that all the protesters assaulted were at some kind of physical disadvantage when attacked. They were women and men burdened by cameras.

He is a criminal and a sexual pervert. I am sure this behavior is not at all new. So let's tell it like it is:

New York City and its Mayor are happy to keep sexually perverted criminal sadists employed, pay them a large salary and defend them when they are caught. NYC does not need to defend itself against foreign terrorists so much. They create and nurture their own terrorists. They need to start cleaning up their act bigtime.

Update Four:
Love and Babies happen in SexPig City too; and Tony Baloney will not be supported by the NYC Police in court. Tony Baloney is being sued by his victims. Question: Why has the NYC PoPo failed to arrest Baloney for assault?


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