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Saturday, March 8, 2014

SexPig Terrorist of the Month - March 2014

UPDATE: Montana Cowgirl has all the dirt. Nothing like a local source. Scroll down in the densely documented article for the Stormfront quote. Time for the FBI to take a close look.

Today's sexpig is Zachary Jordan Klundt. I cannot find any information that he is guilty of explicitly sexual crimes yet. He just hates women, pregnant or otherwise.

Mr. Klundt is charged with arson, theft, and vandalism, which is the pervert trifecta. He is a white supremacist with a gun too. Several guns.

One account of the vandalism said there was a "powdery yellow substance" all over everything." Maybe it was pollen? Maybe his Momma never had "the talk" with him and he is just an excitable boy? You think he got a woody when he was destroying all the Art? 

Mr. Klundt took documents and files. Mr. Klundt and his "prolife" buddies could be coming after you or your cousin Flora to replay a 21st Century version of The Scarlet Letter. Just contemplate that for a moment. 

I promised myself I would not make fun of his name. I will not make fun of his name. Unacceptable. I will just make fun of his Mother's name, which is Twyla Klundt. 

Mrs. Twyla Klundt runs the crisis pregnancy center mentioned below. I like it as Twatwaffle Kundt. Be a great name for a graphic novel. I hope this oaf's white supremacist buddies do not come after me. Be a shame to die for a Twat Joke.

Suspect In Montana Clinic Vandalism May Be Linked To Controversial ‘Crisis Pregnancy’ Center