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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Are they Prostitutes?" asks Baby Saver Servant. - Sexpig of the Month - August 2014

In a fit a black humor, I decided to create a Sexpig of the Month series. I made myself sick with it. It got unfunny and truly scary and disgusting fast. I grossed myself out.

I decided to lay off writing about Sexpigs for awhile for my own mental health. Then I came across these videos below and I just had to share. Trigger Warning: video is really creepy.

Baby Saver Servant who produced this video expects to be seen as sane and caring. That expectation is the chief delusion of the Forced Birth Cultists. Brace yourself. The woman has a higher register than Sarah Palin the Tundra Tart. This is the kind of speech SCOTUS calls 'counseling.'
Last week, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told us that these people are not anti-abortion “protesters.”  Instead, he glowingly described them as, “counselors” who wanted “to comfort these [pregnant] women” by speaking to them, “quietly and in a friendly manner.” 
- Dean Obeidallah
I call this madness. And I think a federal law to make this activity illegal is needed. Stalking and harassment are crimes. Is this stalking and harassment? You tell me. I will tell you where it is at for me. I would have all I could do not to give this fetus freak the bitchslapping she so richly deserves. And that is why I am not a clinic escort. Clinic escorts are models of restraint.

Here is the whackjob practicing medicine. 
This is counseling, Fat Tony?