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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Evil Queen Said What?

Cardinal Burke has said that the Roman Catholic Church led by Pope Frankie is a 'rudderless ship.' I love my Papa Frank. As long as we are flinging poo, Cardinal, I think I will join in the fun.

I never see pictures of Pope Frankie with some guy's face in his crotch. I wonder if the phrase 'tone deaf' has any meaning for the Cardinal. When I was confirmed at Immaculate Conception, there was an altar rail between me and the Bishop's johnson.

Do you think the Cardinal is a power top? If it looks like a power top and it walks like a power top ... well, you know.

Cardinal Burke says that it is a not a good idea to invite my same-sex-married Sister and her spouse to Christmas Dinner because it may hurt the children to see them. Never mind the happy couple have a son.

First, when did Cardinal Burke become the Host at my holiday dinner table? What hubris. What revolting narcissism.

Second, I do not want my children and grandchildren to see Cardinal Burke. They might point and laugh and that is rude. We must avoid "occasions of sin."

Third, I do not want to see Cardinal Burke. Evil Queen. Evidently, Pope Frankie feels the same way.

Cardinal Burke has so much 'rudder,' he needs some nameless faceless boy to carry it for him and look after his hat. See that big honker of a ruby ring that matches Burke's rudder?

See the Nuns way back there in the balcony in the photograph?

Pope Frankie did not ask for much. Pope Frankie only asked Burke to shut the fuck up. You would think a prince of the church would have the grace and good sense to accommodate God's representative on Earth. Hey, do not give me any lip. I am just holding the RCC to its own standards.

Ya think all this satin and lace and nasty remarks about my family is really what Jesus had in mind? Do ya think Cardinal Burke would look better in purple than the red with ermine? Thank you, Federico Fellini, for the fabulous fashion tips. Cardinal Burke needs help. I mean, everybody knows you do not wear white shoes with red satin, ermine and handmade lace. So stodgy.

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